You did nothing wrong!

From Thairath, May 18, 2017
Title: Good work with high standards
On the fingers from left to right:
1st, on the shirt: OAG [Office of Auditor General] On the paper: Transparency
2nd, on the shirt: NACC [National Anti-Corruption Commission] On the paper: No corruption
3rd, on the shirt: Independent agency. On the paper: No need to investigate
4th, on the shirt: Judge of the constitutional court. On the paper: Did nothing wrong
Paper on the table: Recruit these groups
Phi Nooring: Friend-picking system
Mouse: Power from the fingers

[This cartoon questions whether the ruling junta can be properly scrutinized by the many oversight agencies due its pervasive power throughout government.
This is particularity true of the military’s submarine purchase that was quickly ruled “clean” by oversight agencies.]

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