Yet Another Attempt to Rehab Charlerm’s Disgraced Son

From Manager, March 15, 2012
Chalerm’s son Duang says: I didn’t break the law. I only did what the law prohibits.
The caption reads: Now we know how this boy managed to stay out of jail.
[This cartoon references the notorious shooting in Twenty One Club when Chalerm’s son Duang was accused of shooting Police Sergeant Suwichai Rodwimut in public. Duang then fled to Cambodia and after many months returned to Thailand as witnesses clammed up and the case fell apart.
In this cartoon, Duang is shown quoting his father Chalerm. Recently Chalerm insisted that Thaksin must return and defended the opinion with the widely quoted statement that Thaksin “did not commit any offense, but instead happened to do what the law prohibited.”]

Chuwit leads netizens’ fury over return of Chalerm’s son to police service – Bangkok Post, July 28, 2012
…Duang absconded for 187 days and appeared at the Thai Embassy in Malaysia, before standing trial for murder. He was discharged from service and stripped off his rank inabsentia, on November 15 and 16 that same year respectively. He was acquitted by the court and public prosecutors decided not to appeal against his acquittal. Duang was enlisted in the Army during the Samak government when Chalerm was the interior minister…

[This is just one in a series of moves that has occurred every time Chalerm gains power. It is likely that the rehabilitation of his son’s standing is Chalerm’s price for cooperating with Thaksin.
2008 Duang to made a ministerial aide
2008 Duang reinstated into the military]

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From Manager, August 31, 2011
Chalerm speaks to his son: Chai, shooting a police officer is too easy. I’m gonna show you that I can shoot a Police Chief like Police General Wichien.
[This refers to the effort by the government to remove the current police chief and replace him with a Thaksin relative. Chalerm’s son was embroiled in several scandals, including one where a police officer was shot in a nightclub.]

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