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From Arun, January 14, 2015
Title: Mattayom 5th student [an 11th grade student] was asked to leave the famous TV program because she asked an unsatisfying question to the President of the NRC.
A sign on the left: A puppet who gives a voice for Mr. Tien’s team.
Girl puppet: How do you solve the corruption since… [blanked out] had a power by… [blanked out] which is like… [blanked out]
Man: Cut
[Refers to an incident when outspoken anti-coup student Nattanan Warintarawet was asked to leave the TV program ‘Investigating Hot Issues’ on the Channel 5 before the program was tapped because she asked Mr. Tienchay Kirananda, the President of the National Reform Council (NRC), about corruption.
Her question was how could the NRC presume to solve the problem of corruption since the way it came to power was through stealing votes from the people (via a coup).]

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