Wrong purse

From Manager, January 22, 2018
Man: I’m Dr. Charnvit. I would like to confirm that this bag was neatly made and is as beautiful as a million-baht Hermes bag. This bag made me lose my face.
On the sign in the background: 904 Shop
Caption: This Dr. should be hired to sell bags.

[Refers to well-known former professor Dr. Charnvit Kasetsiri who faces criticism for misidentifying the purse of PM Prayuth’s wife Naraporn Chan-ocha. She carried it during a visit to the White House and Dr. Charnvit criticized her for carrying a luxury purse that would be many times what a military wife could afford to own.
However, it turns out that the purse was not a luxury item, but was an inexpensive item brought from the royal project shop called ‘904 shop.’
This caused embarrassment to Dr. Charnvit (“loss of face” or “broken face”) and was a lucky break for a junta beset with scandal over luxury watches worn by Deputy PM Prawit.]

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