Wolf in sheep’s clothing

From Thairath, January 29, 2019
Title: Wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Signs left from top: Human rights; fraternity; freedom; justice; democracy; democracy
The big man is Pheu Thai Party’s main prime minister candidate Chadchart Sittipunt. On his shirt: Democratic Sign: Did not inherit the power.
On sheepskin: Look likes a democracy. (or “Fake democracy”) Sign: Support the dictatorship.
On sheepskin: A substitute for democracy. Sign: Received power from a coup d’etat.
On sheepskin: Take credit for democracy.
Mouse man: Unable to fool the people.
Mouth: Covered [with sheepskin] then they look good.

[This shows the Pheu Thai’s prime minister candidate rushing forward to extol democracy against the military-created democracy.]
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