Willing to be sucked in

From Thairath, July 25, 2018
Title: Come from the same house.
Pile of skulls: Wish you all the best.
Sign above pile of skulls: Ratchaprasong; Khok Wua intersection [these are places were protesters died during Red Shirt protests in Bangkok in 2010]
On Red Shirt man hugging the soldier: Willingly to be sucked in
Mouse: The vow can be withdrawn. [the Red Shirt vow to demand retribution for those who died protesting]
Mouse man: They [the military] look down upon politicians.

[This pro-Thaksin/pro-Red Shirt cartoonist is lamenting the state of politics in the lead up to next year’s elections.
The ruling junta has succeeded in getting formerly pro-Thaksin MPs to switch to pro-army political parties.
Most alarming is that even a top Red Shirt leader–one who is an elected MP–has abandoned the Pheu Thai and is siding with the military.
“Sucked in” refers to the Thai tradition of absorbing MPs from other political groups to create a majority in parliament. More about this here, here, and here.]

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