Why Boonsong was jailed for 42 years

From Thairath, August 29, 2017
Left: I read what Suranand wrote about Boonsong. Then, I know why…
Middle: …why he was jailed for 42 years!
Other men: Why?
Right: Because when the court asked him about the rice-pledging scheme, Boonsong would only answer to the court that “I can’t tell you.”

[Refers to former Pheu Thai member Surannad Vejjajiva who has close ties with former Commence Minister Boonsong Teriyapirom. Surannad posted a message to his friend Boonsong on Facebook after the court’s handing down a 42-year sentence to Boonsong.
According to Suranand, Boonsong is a nice man and every time when he tried to ask Boonsong about the truth of the rice-pledging scheme, Boonsong only replied him that he could not say anything about it. The cartoonist jokes that this is what Boonsong must have told the court.]

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