Why are you protesting against the government?

From Manager, January 11, 2012
Motorist 1: Ha ha! I’m pleased.
Motorist 2: Ha ha ha ha ha ha  ha! Didn’t you say this is the dream government?
Motorist 3: Aow! Why are you protesting against the government? Didn’t you vote for them?
Motorist 4: Ha ha! I’m pleased.
Small signs held by taxi drivers: Cremate NGV
Big signs: Nong Poo says it’s “under control,” Phi Lerm intervenes in every matter, but as for Nong Pichai, please kick him out.
The caption reads: The day that people who are not one of the 15 million are pleased.
[This ridicules taxi drivers who supported Thaksin who are now suffering because of the big increase in NGV prices.]

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