Who will cross the Shinawatra family


From Manager, September 19, 2016
Top-left, PM Prayuth: Oh… a hot taro… hot taro!!
Right, PM Prayuth: Minister… would you help to hold it!
Below left, Commence Minister Apiradi: The Permanent Secretary helps… whoa!!!
Right: Mr. Prime Minister… whoa!!

[Refers to Thai saying “hot taro” meaning an issue which people do not want to be involved (the same as “hot potato” in English).
Commerce Minister Apiradi Tantraporn, on behalf of PM Prayuth, authorized the ministry’s permanent secretary to sign an administrative order demanding compensation from those involved in the rice pledging scheme under Yingluck’s government.
Thaksin is not an unknown quantity. During his time as prime minister, enemies died or disappeared and since his ouster, Red Shirts have applied relentless pressure to those who oppose him (such at Newin Chidchod who was hounded from politics after crossing Thaksin’s coalition in 2008). Those who shouted at Thaksin’s wife in public had their homes firebombed until they humbly apologized for the incident.
Thus, officials have to think twice before offending untouchable families. Signing the order to demand compensation from Yingluck and other Pheu Thai members would be avoided by all but the most fearless officials.]

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