Who should stay outside the prison?

From Manager, December 31, 2010
Red Shirt head Thida is saying: Between that King Kong who menaces others and Mr. Weng who might talk in circles, but does not threaten others... who should stay outside the prison?
The caption reads: I [auntie] want [you] to reconsider.

[This shows the Red Shirt leader speaking up for her husband, Weng, who languishes in jail while MP Jatuporn (often represented as a mad gorilla) remains out on bail due to his status as MP. Many are surprised that Jatuporn is able to avoid jail on terrorist changes while continuing to exert his political power and making menacing speeches. Meanwhile, meek and ineffectual Red Shirt figures like Weng, who were amenable to cooperate with the government, languish in jail.]
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