Who Plays the Tune?

From Komchadluek, September 24, 2012
Caption: A snake trainer died because of his own snake.
On the basket: TRCT [Truth for Reconciliation Commission of Thailand]

[The snake is Kanit na Nakhon, chairman of the TRCT.
“A snake trainer died because of his own snake” is a Thai saying meaning a person thinks he is in control of a dangerous issue, but the issue turns and kills him. Who is the snake charmer?
This refers to the investigations on the post-2010 Red Shirt protests that documented the paramilitary force the Red Shirts fielded to defend their protest sites from the army. At the time, armed men were photographed guarding Red Shirt leaders and Red Shirts boasted that the military was revolting against army control and was joining their ranks.
However, in the years afterward, the Red Shirt line changed. At present, it is claimed (in the English language at least) that the Red Shirt protests of 2010 (as well as 2009) were fully peaceful protests to support democracy.]

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