Who is the catfish?


From Manager, June 5, 2016
Title: The difference of humor between… humans and animals
Left: On the sign: PM speaking
The man speaking is PM Prayuth
Caption: Human is silent… Catfish is laughing
Right: On the sign: PM speaking
The woman speaking is former PM Yingluck
Caption: Human is laughing… Catfish is silent

[We are not entirely use of the references in this cartoon. In Thai, to call someone a “catfish face” is an insult meaning they are very ugly.
Here, the cartoonist seems to compare pro-Thaksin Red Shirts with catfish. So when PM Prayuth speaks there is an endless amount of ridicule towards his statements–mainly from those who oppose the coup.
However, when Yingluck was PM, her frequent gaffs and the obvious signs she did not really run the government were widely ridiculed. However, pro-Thaksin Red Shirts still firmly lauded her actions and insisted she was a very capable prime minister.]

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