Who is really destroying the country?

From Thairath, July 23, 2019
Title: Who should be called “[Those who] Overthrow the government,” who should be called “[Those who] destroy the country–hate the country”
On the tank: Destroy the country’s image
Flag held by Thanathorn: Change the country through the parliamentary system
On the signs: Establish the dictator state [refers to the coups of 2006 and 2014], Shut down Bangkok [refers to the 2008 anti-government marches], Establish the unjust power [probably refers to court verdicts against political parties], Close the airport [refers to the 2008 anti-government marches], Close the Government House [refers to the 2008 anti-government marches], Destroy the people’s government, Destroy democracy, Killing people in the city, Ratchaprasong [refers to the bloody end of the Red Shirt protests in 2012]
Gen. Sonthi [who conducted the 2006 coup]: Even I die, I can’t say it. [famous saying of Gen. Sonthi when asked why he conducted the coup to overthrow Thaksin’s government; such a saying is an allusion to Thai “elites” who cannot be spoken of in political contexts]
Sign held by Gen. Sonthi: A coup is necessary.
Book held by Meechai: Constitution to extend power
Phi Nooring: Ruined from 2549 to 2562 [the years 2006 to 2019]
Mouse: Good people who destroy the country

[Refers to the result of the coups from 2006 by Gen. Sonthi Boonyaratglin until now by PM Prayut in 2019. This cartoon illustrates that the result of the coup is worse than what they accuse Future Forward Party leader Thanothron of since the military worked hard to destroy the democratic system of the country.]

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