Who is left to run with Sudarat?

From Manager, November 20, 2018
Sign on the wall: PT Pheu Thai party For Thailand and for the future of Thailand
Sign on the table: Chairwoman of strategy
Left, man: Jae… those key members have now quit the party… We don’t have anyone left for the election!!
Sudarat: Don’t worry, Aun…
Right, Sudarat: Jinnie can do it alone.

[Refers to Sudarat Keyuraphan, chairwoman of the Pheu Thai Party’s election strategy committee.
Sudarat’s daughter Yossuda “Jinnie” Keyuraphan received much attention in the media recently after a photo of her was published showing her helping her mother in her duties at the party.
Beautiful or cute women receive out-sized attention in the Thai world and the photo of Jinnie became the talk of the town, appearing on the cover of several magazines.]

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