Who is bothered by Article 44?


From Manager, April 2, 2015
On the phone: Mr. President, our Embassy here has already asked Thai people and no one worries with the Article 44 issued by PM Prayuth.
On Obama’s head: Article 44
Caption: In the whole world… there is only one person who worries about this.

[Article 44 raises concerns from human rights groups and the west because absolute power would be centralized in the head of the junta. The junta contends that most people have been unaffected by both martial law and Article 44 and that absolute power is only being applied to groups who have openly vowed to cause trouble for the junta.]


From Manager, April 5, 2015
Title: Economy… crazy economy by Ngao [name of the cartoon and the cartoonist]
Top left: Big Tu [Gen. Prayuth] ends martial law and issues Article 44 instead.
Top right: What! Ao!! [to express surprise]
Bottom left: Did we live our lives under martial law?
Bottom right: I didn’t realize it.

[Another cartoon contending most people never even realized martial law was in place.]

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