Which the fish creel destroys the country’s image more?

From Thairath, September 10, 2018
Title: Which the fish creel destroys the country’s image more?
On the folder held by the military man: IO team
On a fish creel no. 1: Politicians
On a fish creel no. 2: Coup persons
Phi Nooring: One click sends a bad smell to the whole world.
Mouse: Click the real cause.
On a man’s tablet: Fish creel 1; Fish creel 2
Sound coming from the tablet: Click!

[This compares the coup conducted by the military to elected governments. The junta has been trying to build a good image by using the “Information Operation” (IO) strategy to promote good news related the junta online.
This cartoon uses the Thai proverb “one rotten fish makes a smell all over a fish creel.” It means that one person’s fault effects the whole group.
This means that bad members of the junta hurt its image and that they are no better than elected politicians.]

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