Which should be ashamed?

From Thairath, April 5, 2018
Title: Who… is feeling unashamed… ?
PM Prayuth is hugging the prime minister’s chair. He is thinking of former PMs Thaksin and Yingluck and their recent public trip to Japan.
On the seat: Prime minister from coup d’etat
On the backrest from above: Road map. Prolong the election. Prolong the power. [meaning the various methods by which the military has stalled elections]
Mouse man: I think it is truly shameful.
Mouse: Seize the position. [meaning he grabbed the PM post by force]

[This refers to a recent comment from Prayuth saying Thaksin and his sister should be ashamed for appearing in public as they are fugitives from Thai justice.
The cartoonist turns this around and says that Prayuth has used shameful methods to obtain and hold on to power.]

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