Which debt is worse–Pheu Thai’s or the army’s?

From Thairath, April 29, 2017
Title: The question with no answer
Military man at left: Rice pledging scheme… causes a massive loss and I have to pay it off in an installment debt [referring to the previous government’s rice pledging scheme]
On paper held by the man: Increase salaries, give rewards and compensation to their groups [meaning that the military has doled out lots of money to military and government officials]
Former PM Yingluck: Then, what’s about those weapons? Who gave to you for free?
On the rice sack: Rice pledging scheme improves farmers’ quality of life.
Phi Nooring: Will be an installment-debt power
Mouse: From people’s taxes

[This cartoon contrasts the military’s spending with that of the former government they overthrew.
While the Pheu Thai government’s spending on the rice pledging scheme was derided as an attempt to raid state coffers to ensure support for the then-ruling party, the case can also be made that the subsidies benefited a part of the populace that sees little direct relief from the government.
On the other hand, the military’s lavish purchases of military equipment does not seem to benefit the people at large, but still creates large debts for the country.]

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