What they don’t care about

From Thairath, September 23, 2017
Title: “Nak Oum,” the real one is over here [meaning the judge should focus on all the cases the justices have overlooked instead of focusing on Yingluck]
On shirt of man at top left: Hunting Poo [“Poo” being the nickname of fugitive former PM Yingluck]
On the sign he holds: Take it a guilt at the police who drive “oum” Poo to avoid the court.
On sign held by man, a Yingluck supporter, at bottom left: Does not have an arrest warrant; Not guilty.
On judge’s robe at right: Process of judgement
Man from below left to below right who is carried by the judge: The army budget. GT 200 airship. Seize the public domain. Corrupt on building of police stations. Shut down Bangkok. Ordering to suppress people in 2010; About 100 dead 2,000 injured. Occupied the airport. Occupied the government house. Postpone and dismiss the cases. The FSRA [Financial Sector Restructuring] case. [The junta’s] rice price guarantee. [these are all scandals seem to be overlooked by the courts]
Mouse: Oum only good people.
Mouse man: Do not catch a goat, police. [warning to police not to attempt to present a scapegoat to the public]

[“Nak Oum” is Thai word, meaning a supporter who helps one to exculpate or declare one “not guilty.” “Oum” means to carry.
Since all Thai “success” entails the breaking of rules and laws, it is essential that one assembles those who can serve as “Nak Oum” to help support and legalize all the sketchy activities one must engage in to become a success in the Thai world.
The cartoonist contends that judges are “Nak Oum” for those who oppose Yingluck (and Thaksin), using their abilities to literally declare wrongdoers “not guilty” as long as they oppose Thaksin and his Red Shirts.]

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