What is the plan to protect the nation from flooding that reoccurs from North to South?

From the Thai-language press: Prachachatturakij editorial: What is the plan to protect the nation from flooding that reoccurs from North to South? - December 2, 2005

Finally Samui Island, the famous tourism area in the world, was under water after three days of heavy rain (November 25-27). The big flood caused 300 million baht damage. People who was born in Samui Island say there has never been a flood, except after the recent disorderly construction of hotels, luxury hotels and commercial buildings on mountains and on beaches. Many selfish entrepreneurs constructed and obstructed the water way and investors have project on the mountains.

Actually, not only Samui Island, but also another beautiful tourism place--Ban Krood Amphur Bangsapan, Prachabkirikhun--faces a flood crisis. Before this, there was flood in Chiangmai four times with damages in the many billions of baht. Every time after a flood, the government leader flies to rescue people by giving necessary things and then flies back to Bangkok. After that event, Chiangmai was under flood again.

At present, the problem of floods all around the country is not thought to related to natural issues any more because a flood in a big city or tourist area is a seasonal problem and the government just sends relief. This is a very disappointing thing because the Thaksin government usually says this is a government of New Thinking, New doing, Solving Problem Unity and CEO administration. But considering with empty eyes, there are still floods and the economy is still under water every season.

It is useless to blame the flood problem on investors invading forests, mountains, or construction in a wrong form different from permission, cheating, insufficiency of TAO. It is useless to expect to the "CEO governor" to help. The most disappointing thing is that the central government could not develop city and tourism areas not to face floods every season, meanwhile the government intends to get 100,000 million baht income from tourism areas.

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