What is appropriate in parliament?

From Thairath, December 23, 2019 Title: Things occurring in the parliament
Left: Inappropriate in the new parliament
On the guy’s tote bag: Rights for same-sex marriage
Right: Appropriate in the old parliament
On people’s suits: Democrat party
On paper in front of a man with glasses: Speaker of the House of Representatives
Woman screaming: Greed!
On the whistle being blown by Chuan: Parliament
Phi Nooring: Recall their own group
Mouse: Savage

[The cartoonist refers to the double standard in the Thai parliament.
The right side shows incidents from parliaments in the past when MPs from the Democrat Party trying to disturb the meeting by physically blocking the seating of the Speaker of House of Representatives amid Thaksin’s amnesty bids.
At left is a recent incident where two men kissed in parliament amid a push for LGBQ rights. Many politicians condemned this display of affection as unacceptable in parliament.
At bottom left is a cobra holding a marijuana leaf. Cobra is a Thai symbol for an MP who betrays his party and either supports the opposition in a vote or changes parties. The marijuana leaf refers to the Bhumjaithai Party which is supporting marijuana legalization. “Cobras” from the Future Forward Party are thought to be jumping parties and joining the Bhumjaithai.]

Another take on this: Kissing in parliament

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