What happens to the people Thaksin appoints?

From Manager, September 3, 2018
Thaksin: Your grandfather [referring to himself] will only take your dad to be a party leader for a little bit… I will return him soon.
Twins: Not true!… when he becomes a leader then he will escape outside of the country in the same way as grandmother Poo. [meaning former PM Yingluck]
Caption: The family’s take-away man.

[Thaksin is carrying away his daughter Pinthongta’s husband, Nattapong Kunakornwong. This is all about the speculation about which Shinawatra family member Thaksin might appoint to head his Pheu Thai Party.
It shows the bind Thaksin is in as the anti-Thaksin establishment has become adept at blocking Thaksin’s attempts to rewrite the constitution or grant himself amnesty through family members heading the government on his behalf.
The result of these efforts are court cases and exile for Thaksin appointees like his sister Yingluck.]

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