What happens after elections?


From Manager, January 27, 2016
Security guard Prayuth: Next year, I will open this gate!
On the gate: Election
Caption: If the security guard says this… the fan club can be in chaos. [meaning that if the junta allows Thaksin and the Red Shirts back into politics again, the junta’s supporters will be angry]

[Refers to the promise of PM Prayuth to have an election next year. Many junta supporters hope the military, led by PM Prayuth, will be a guard to protect the country from bad politicians and others who want to take advantage from the country.
Behind the gate it shows Thaksin and Red Shirt supporters who vow to regain power again in the next election. They oppose the new constitution as an apparent pretext to demand another rewrite to allow Thaksin to return.]

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