Weekly News Magazines: Restrict Abolish Eliminate Thanathorn, April, 2019

From Matichon Weekly, April 19-25, 2019
Main cover reads: Restrict Abolish Eliminate [yellow] 3-step plan

[This uses the combative language the Future Forward Party uses in their campaign slogans (“Stopping, Cleansing, Destroying”) to describe the present legal challenges attacking two of the party leaders.
The new party surprised the political world by gaining the third number of seats in the recent elections. It has joined with the Pheu Thai Party to attempt to form the next government and block the junta from holding on to power.
However, the party’s future is in doubt as party leader Thanathorn is facing sedition charges and party secretary-general Piyabutr likely is likely to face charges for allegedly violating the Computer Act.
On the cover, Thanathorn is making the Hunger Games three-finger salute that has been used to demonstrate resistance to military rule.]

Top: ‘Netiwit’ enhances the stands of ‘new generation’ [white] Refuse with moral thought
[Refers to student activist Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal who recently submitted his extension for compulsory army conscription due to his studies. Netiwit has fought for the end of conscription and called for transparency in the election results currently being prepared by the Election Commission.]

From Lokwannee, April 19-26, 2019
Main cover reads: Next show will be… magical law?

[While the country is waiting for the final election results, it is suspected that the Election Commission will not fairly report the results to help the junta remain in power.
The dinosaur represents the supposed old-fashioned thinking of the military.]

From Manager Weekly, April 12-19, 2019
Main cover reads: Marijuana-lisation

[Refers to a controversial issue of cannabis after agriculturalist Decha Siriphat was charged with illegally possessing marijuana. This led to a movement through the social media calling for Decha to be saved and supporting the use of marijuana for medicine.]

Top: “Uncle Pom” [black] new hair cut as the big brother of [blue] “Eastern Tigers”

[Refers to Deputy PM Prawit whose nickname is Pom. He is known as the big brother of influential military group the Eastern Tigers. This group consists of PM Prayut and Deputy PM Anupong as well as other high-ranking military officers. PM Prayuth together with the military men in his government as well as members of the National Council for Peace and Order (the junta) got a traditional-style haircut to pay respects to the King Rama X.]
Bottom left: Rumor on a football love story. [blue] “Messi Jay” secretly dates “Mookda” actress from Channel 7.
[Refers to a rumor about famous soccer Chanathip ‘Jay’ Songkrasin (known as ‘Messi Jay’) dating actress from Channel 7 Mookda ‘Mook’ Narinrak. However, Mookda denied the rumor and insisted about their relationship as just good friends.]

Middle: Harmful life and a return of [green] “the Tiger” [white] with 11 years of sadness

[Refer to Tiger Woods who won his first major title since 2008.]

Right: From a weight of 100 kilograms to half-marathon runner

[Refers to an interview of half-marathon runner Dusit Kaniyow whose weight used to be up to 100 kg, but now he has slimmed down and has turned himself to be a half-marathon runner. Now his goal is to become a full-marathon runner.]

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