Weekly News Magazines: The time for flowers has passed, it is time for stones, November 3-10, 2017

From Lokwannee, November 4-10, 2017
Main cover reads: The time for flowers has passed, it is time for stones
Inside a brown box on the right: Lokwanne turns 19 years old. [referring to the magazine’s anniversary]
[The cover shows marigolds, a flower related to honoring the late King, and a rock, presumably to be hurled in protest.
This cover message insinuates that the time for people to stay their hand has passed now that the royal cremation is complete and that it is now time for active agitation against the ruling military junta.
Combining royal allusions (marigolds for the King) and a call for violent protest (rock throwing) is unusual for the Thai media in general, but typical of the pro-Red Shirt, pro-Thaksin media that are usually eager to show that they are willing to employ taboo topics for their cause.]

From Manager Weekly, November 4-10, 2017
Main cover reads: Watch the royal crematorium. The god’s heaven.
[The royal crematorium combined various types of Thai traditional arts to pay respect to the late King as well as to illustrate traditional arts and culture.]

From Matichon Weekly, November 3-9, 2017

From Siamrath Weekly Review, November 3-9, 2017
[Cover picture shows King Rama X collecting the royal relics and the royal ashes of the late King Rama IX a day after the royal cremation on Oct 26, 2017.]

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