Weekly News Magazines, September 4-11, 2015


From Lokwannee, September 4, 2015
Main cover reads: Oh… my goat! Are you Thai?
[Refers to an incident when police chief Pol. Gen Somyos Phumphamuang gave an interview to the media regarding an arrest of bomb suspect. A reporter asked whether the suspect was a scapegoat. This reflects the popular belief that the Thai police often offer a likely suspect so they can claim victory and calm public discontent on high profile crimes. The question angers the police chief and he retorted “Are you Thai? Why does she accuse her country’s police like this?”
This is an interesting insight to Thai psychology that attempts to cover over unpleasant truths for the good of the country.]


From Manager Weekly, September 5-11, 2015
Main cover reads: [red] Parent [black] destroy me
The man on the cover is Panthongtae Shinawatra.
In the background is the logo of Krungthai Bank
[Refers to the investigation of Krungtahi Bank’s lending to real estate developer Krisdamahanakorn. This was allegedly part of Thaksin’s widespread influence peddling designed to reward those who were loyal to him. State prosecutors finally did not indite Panthongtae and others who were holding money for Thaksin as his proxies on charges of gaining from Thaksin’s alleged influencing of Krungthai to make the 11-billion baht loans to Krisdamahanakorn. 19 others were handed jail terms.]
Top-right: Award a plate…
Good daughter
Donate kidney to her mom.
[Refers to an actress who donated her kidney to her mom.]
Bottom left: Ratchaprasong Conspiracy Part 3
Finally arrested
Then what to do next..!!
The man is Yusufu Mieraili, a suspect in the bombing.
[Refers to an arrest of a suspect in the bombing at Ratchprasong intersection.]
Bottom right: NRC did the final task to submit the ‘draft constitution’ before conducting a ‘referendum’
The man is Borwornsak Uwanno, a head of the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC).
The man on the right is Thienchay Kiranandana, the NRC chairman.

matichon_4-10 sep

From Matichon Weekly, September 4-10, 2015
Main cover reads: Bombing
A terrorist
Man on the cover is the suspect arrested in connection with the Rajaprasong bombing.
Top-left: [yellow] Abhi [white] sit moves [Big Abhisit moves]
[yellow] Abhi [white] “Suthep” comes back [Big Suthep comes back]
[yellow] Abhi [white] “junta” [Big junta]
[This headline uses the word “Abhi” meaning “big.” The first “Abhi” is the first sound of Abhisit’s name. The words explain that, after leaving the monkhood, Suthep strongly supports the junta.]

nation_4 sep

From Nation Weekend, September 4, 2015
The main cover reads: Who was he angry at?
The man on the cover is Yusufu Mieraili, a suspect in the bombing
Left side: [white] Look back a history of
[yellow] ‘Moo Nonmakmun’
[white] a real Eastern tiger
The man in is new army chief Gen. Teerachai Narkvanick
[Refers to a history of new chief Gen Teerachai who is in a powerful military group known as the Eastern Tigers. Moo Monmakmun is his nickname.]
Headline: [white] Explore 4 ways
[yellow] Take Urguir to Turkey
[Refers to the theory that the bombing was in retaliation for Thailand returning Uigur refugees to China instead of sending them on to Turkey.]

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