Weekly News Magazines, September 3-9, 2016


From Lokwannee, Sep 3-9, 2016
Main cover reads: Lesson 1. Reform before election. Elected politician = Bad, Appointed politicians = Good

[Refers to the junta’s promise to reform the country, including the approved draft constitution which will allow appointed persons to participate in politics, particularly the prime minister who can apparently be a non-elected person. This mimics the Thais system that was prominent 30 years ago. This issue is discussed as not being democratic since politicians should represent the people’s voice.]


From Matichon Weekly, September 2-8, 2016
Main cover reads: Thailand 4.0 ‘P’ model

[Men in the photo from left to right: Privy Council President Prem Tinsulanonda, PM Prayuth Chan-ocha and Dep PM Prawit Wongsuwan. These are believed to be the most powerful people in Thailand at this time.
The headline refers to Thailand’s new economic model named ‘Thailand 4.0’ which will focus on creativity and innovation.
However, the cover implies that reform and development of the country really is based on these three persons who have names that start with ‘P’.]

Top right: Matichon Weekly Go, 2 September Share; Show

[This is an advertisement about the launch of Matichon Weekly’s new website.]


From Nation Weekend, September 2, 2016
Main cover reads: Elite model

[The man in the picture is PM Prayuth. This refers to concept that the prime minister can be appointed as an unelected “outsider.” This raises concern that the new system will allow PM Prayuth to retain power as prime minister.]

Top right headline: Thepchai Yong, Not only [yellow] ‘Big Tu’ [white] that need to be charming

[Refers to Thepchai’s article on PM Prayuth’s future. The article is curious whether he will be not involve with the politics after having the election due to the new draft constitution which allow the PM to be appointed.]

Headlines on the left:

1. Daily novel from [red] ‘Kim-eng’ [white] to [red] ‘Ying Kai’

[Refers to the recent arrest of fraud suspect Kamonthat Thanathornkhositjira, sister of lese majeste suspect Monta Yakrattanakan or Ying Kai. Kamonthat is also known as Kim-eng.]

2. Impact from digital [red] kills song writers-musicians

[Refers to the impact of illegally downloading songs on the livelihood of musicians.]

3. Troublesomeness of October people [red] Doctor Leab’ [white] was jailed

[Refers to former ICT minister Surapong Suebwonglee, known as Doctor Leab. He was jailed due to dereliction of duty for authorizing the amendment of a concession to allow Thaksin’s business Shin Corp to reduce its minimum shareholding in Thaicom corp.
He is one of political activists during the 1973 Thai popular uprising. The article points out the irony of how some of the heroic democracy activists of the past joined with Thaksin to defraud the country.]

4. Isan singer who is going to the wrong band. [red] Doctor ‘Pherm’ [black] misbehavior

[Refers to Ban Phai district municipality mayor Premsak Piayura who is forced a reporter to strip off his clothes to humiliate him. The saying “Isan singer who going to the wrong band” is an idiom meaning as people acting inappropriately.]

5. Cycle of life. The poor who knows what is ‘enough’

[The article is about the poor who live their lives in a self-sufficient manner.]


From Manager Weekly, September 3-9, 2016
Main cover reads: I am not involved.

[The man on the cover is Privy Council President Prem Tinsulanonda.
The article examines the appointment of the new army chief. This article implies that not only do PM Prayuth and Dep PM Prawit have the power to appoint the new chief, but Prem also played the role in the appointment. However, Prem always denies he wields power behind the scenes.]

Top right: Phuket Conspiracy [blue] ‘lands in Phang Nga’ [black] ruptured liver and died

[Refers to the mysterious death of Thawachai Anukul who was being held by the Department of Special Investigation (DS). Initially, authorities claim he committed suicide, but many suspect he might have been killed in by officer to silence him.]

Bottom left: “Tum” The star [pink] Responsible for only kids–not his wife. The saying hurts his wife’s feeling.

[Refers to singer Suthon “Tum” Boosamsai who divorced with his wife after having an affair with other women.]

Right: Disclose [red] “Pol Dutchie” [black] Influential person in the media

[Refers to a business conflict between well-known actor Atichart ‘Aum’ Chumnanon and Pol Dutchie.]

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