Weekly News Magazines, September 23-30, 2016


From Nation Weekend, Sep 23, 2016
Main cover reads: Pongphan Chan-“khangram”

[The woman is Pongphan Chan-ocha, a sister-in-law of PM Prayuth. This refers to  Pongphan Chan-ocha, the sister-in-law of PM Prayuth. The name on the cover refers to her inappropriate behavior that causes damage to PM Prayuth like “Chan-khanram” meaning as “the moon’s phases.”
After photos of her walking on the red carpet for the opening ceremony of a dam or weir. The public  urged the National Anti-Corruption Commission to launch an investigation of her husband Gen. Preecha, PM Prayuth’s younger brother. People want to know how this weir was named after his wife. This is yet another ironic case that impacts the junta since they vowed to fight corruption, but it appears their relatives are clamoring to be involved in high-profile government projects.]

Top: Three brotherhood from Ban Pa Wai. Wachiralongkorn camp

[Refers to the new army chief Gen Chalermchai Sitthisart, who is outside the influential military group called the “Eastern Tigers.” He comes from  a military group known as Ban Pa Wai or the 1st Special Warfare Command located at Wachiralongkorn Camp (Ban Pa Wai) in Lop Buri Province. The “three brotherhood” refers to former army chief Sonthi Boonyaratglin, former Gen. Surayud Chulanont and Gen Chalemchai. All came from the Special Warfare Command.]

Sanyaluk Donsri [bold] Drama “Pai Pongsatorn”

[Refers to Sanyaluk’s article about the well-known country music singer Pai Pongsatorn.]

Boonrat Apichart Tri Sorn [black] Models-Politicians

[Refers to new leader of Japan’s opposition party Democratic Party Renho. Before becoming a politician, she used to be a model.]

Suthichai Yoon [bold] Everything is under control of the NCPO?

[Refers to Suthichai’s article on whether the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) can really control all political situations and lead reform as they have promised.]

Jitra Kornuntakiat [bold] How vegetarianism is important.

[Refers to Jitra’s article about the vegetarians for the vegetarian festival.]


From Matichon Weekly, Sep 23-29, 2016
Main cover reads: Hit the nail, feel hurt to the whole body
The woman is Pongphan Chan-ocha, a sister-in-law of PM Prayuth.
The sign behind reads “Pongphan Chan-ocha [bold] Pongphan, Mother of development weir” [This is a typical banner extolling a politician or other high-born person for their patronage of a development project.]

[“Hit the nail, feel hurt to the whole body” is a Thai proverb meaning to attack one person or part, but it causes a big impact to the whole group. After a photo of the PM’s sister-in-law Pongphan walking on the red carpet for the opening ceremony of a an new dam, the public urged the National Anti-Corruption Commission to launch an investigate of her husband Gen. Preecha, PM Prayuth’s younger brother. This was the latest case of junta relatives becoming inexplicably involved in high-profile development projects.]

Top: Heroines of ‘Commerce’? Minister-Permanent Secretary brave to sign on ‘G-To-G’ of twenty billion rice compensation.

[Women from left to right: Commerce Minister Apiradi Tantraporn and Chutima Bunyapraphasara.
This refers to the rice pledging scheme from Yingluck’s government. Commerce Minister Apiradi Tantraporn, on behalf of PM Prayuth, authorized the ministry’s permanent secretary to sign an administrative order demanding compensation of 20 billion baht from former commence minister Boonsong Teriyapirom and other people related in bogus government-to-government rice deal.
This signing is considered a scary (or perhaps suicidal) thing to do, as few are brave enough to confront Thaksin’s political machine and its family members. It is thought that if the Red Shirts do not start to harass people who issued these orders, then the future return of another Thaksin-directed government would mean legal revenge against those who dared to cross him.]


From Lokwannee, Sep 24-30, 2016
Main cover reads: Karma caught up to a person who is corrupt (lighting on others, then it returns to yourself) [meaning the junta unjustly attached Yingluck and now they are feeling the universe’s revenge for it]
On the sign: Rice pledging scheme for farmers by ‘Yingluck Mother of Development.’

[The photo is former PM Yingluck Shinawatra. Recently, PM Prayuth vowed to fight corruption and his government launched a campaign “lighting corruption” (meaning something like “shining a light on corruption”).
Meanwhile, several junta family members have been discovered to be connected with big money government projects.
After a photo of the PM’s sister-in-law Pongphan walking on the red carpet for the opening ceremony of a new dam, the public urged the National Anti-Corruption Commission to launch an investigation.
This magazine asks people to remember that it was Yingluck who was really should be extolled for bringing good development projects to the poor.]


From Manager Weekly, Sep 24-30, 2016
Main cover reads: Treng Treng Treng Trengggg… [the sound of an xylophone]

[The couple on top is Prayuth’s younger brother Gen. Preecha Chan-ocha and his wife Pongpan. The cover ridicules Gen Preecha and his wife for trying to act like a royal family from a traditional ‘Likee’ play (pictured at the lower part of the cover).
Recently, Pongpan has been criticized for her pretensions such as sitting in elaborate chairs and walking on red carpets. Such activity is normally reserved for the royal family or the highest government officials, not relatives of military men who seized power by force. Such behavior is thought to be a reprehensible, but unavoidable, eventuality of the absolute power the junta now holds.]

Top: Jailed 3 years… Khao Phaeng case [red] Tan Thaugsuban [black] He is a grateful son

[The men from left to right: Tan Thaugsuban and his fatherSuthep Thaugsuban
Refers to Suthep’s son Tan who was sentenced to three years in jail for forest encroachment and constructing a pond at Pa Khao Phaeng on Koh Samui. The media praised him for accepting this sentence in order to avoid this matter to causing impact to this father, the leader of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee.
The subtext of the jailing of prominent people like Suthep and his son is to draw a contrast between these people and Thaksin’s family. Thaksin has resisted attempts to oversee and check his political activities and has worked single-mindedly to get an amnesty enacted to allow him to return to politics without serving jail time.]

Below: 4 month pregnant [white] Step of Drift of [yellow] Patt Napapa

[The couple is Patt Napapa and her motorbike racer husband. Refers to news of her pregnancy after rumors circulated that this has caused her to get married quickly.]

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