Weekly News Magazines: Junta misspelling, September, 2018

From Lokwannee, September 14-21, 2018
Main cover reads: Unlucky
Dinosaur, representing the military: Unfortunately, it is spelled incorrectly.

[This calligraphy refers to a lottery seller man who lied about winning the lottery. He had famed calligraphy like this that he was given by a Chinese-style fortune teller.
On the cover it reads “unlucky,” instead of “รวย” meaning “rich.”
The overall joke is meant to ridicule PM Prayuth who insisted that he spelled a word correctly after the media claimed that there was a misspelling in his writing.]

From Matichon Weekly, September 14-20, 2018
Main cover reads: Kiss Kiss

[Refer to the recent picture from Thaksin’s daughter Peathongtarn (left) showing her elder sister Pingthongtha (right) drinking from the small glass with the red and yellow straw. This is to show the harmony of the Red and Yellow shirts.
This is part of Thaksin’s PR offensive that he conducts before elections to send the message that he is still a political force.]

Top: Kraben Rahu. First Thai film to win a prize from the ‘Venice’ [Venice Film Festival]
[Refers to Thai film ‘Manta Ray’ or ‘Kraben Rahu’ directed by Phuttiphong Aroonpheng. It won the Orizzonti Award for Best Film at the 75th Venice Film Festival. It becomes the first Thai movie to win the prestigious award and is about the Rohinya people.]

From Manager Weekly, September 15-21, 2018
Main cover reads: OTu

[Refers to the junta’s new campaign on inviting well-known people to help promote the junta’s TV program.
PM Prayuth (whose nickname is Tu) spoke up to defend pop group BNK48 member Cherprang Areekul (pictured), after she was criticized for appearing on the junta’s program.
The cover word “OTu” comes from the word “Otaku” mixed with PM Prayuth’s nickname “Tu.” “Ota” is the word BNK fanclub members use to refer to themselves. It is a Japanese word to refer to a person who is really addicted to something.]

Top: Business-Romance [black] or cheating. A question in the cause of [red] “Kae Lederer’s” suicide
[Refers a unclear cause that led to the suicide of sexy socialite Kae Lederer (pictured). She left a suicide note accusing her business partner, ex-model and close friend, Ongart “Aerk” Lederer (pictured), of fraud. ]
Bottom left: Why is [blue] the army team [white] popular? [orange] Count down [white] for becoming extinct in the highest league.
[Refers to the military-related soccer teams which are now facing a risk to fall out of Thailand’s soccer league.
All of this is related to politics as, during the heydays of Red Shirt power, politicians could be essentially blacklisted by the power of Red Shirt intimidation. The Red Shirt numbers were such that they seemed to be possibly able to check the power of the military.
The military and politicians poured resources and funds into soccer clubs which were envisioned as a sort of shadow political parties comprised of rabid fans who might be able to serve as a counterweight to Red Shirt power.
Now that new elections are coming and many Pheu Thai and Red Shirt politicians are supporting the junta, it indicates Thaksin and Red Shirt influence is on the wane.
Thus the need to spend resources on the clubs, their development, and promotion is ended. Where just a few years ago the clubs were taking on the character of rabid English soccer fandom, today the military men and politicians who once nurtured them have largely given up on them and are instead focusing on elections.]

Right: From [red] Jack Ma [white] to [red] Fan Bingbing [white] China is very difficult to live.
[Refers to the recent news about Alibaba founder Jack Ma announced he would step down from the business next year to focus on philanthropy and education. His surprising decision has been praised by the public.
In contrast, Hollywood-well known Chinese actress Fan Bingbing has gone missing amid rumors she had under-reported her earnings to the government.]

From Siamrath weekly review, September 14-21, 2018
Main cover reads: ‘Yak’ [white] still survives.
[Refers to a rumor that Deputy Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Dr. Wiwat “Yak” Salyakamthor a would be sacked from his job by the junta.
This was because he supports a total ban on three hazardous herbicides including Glyphosate, Chlorpyrifos, Paraquat.
As the ban would have a huge impact on big agricultural business groups, it was thought Yak’s job was in jeopardy for suggesting a ban.]

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