Weekly News Magazines, September 2, 2011

From Matichon Weekly, September 2, 2011
Chuwit Effect vs Pa Effect

[Chuwit’s grandstanding on the issues of illegal casinos gave the government the perfect pretext to replace the police chief with a Thaksin relative. Despite visiting Privy Councilor Prem, Gen. Wichean (pictured on the cover) was forced aside. This demonstrates that the power of a sitting government–especially one with a strong majority–can usually trump any other part of the Thai state and have its way.]

From Nation Weekend, September 4, 2011
Do you want Gasohol?

[Prime Minister Yingluck recently ordered a reduction in gas prices which has resulted in criticism that the lowered rates will discourage use of alternate fuels. The initial rush on stations with lower prices caused some locations to run out of gas.]

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