Weekly News Magazines, September 18-25, 2015

Nation_18 sep

From Nation Weekend, September 18, 2015
Main cover reads: 20-month promise
[The man on the cover is PM Prayuth. Refers to the delay of elections to the year 2017 due to the rejection of the draft constitution. This will provide time for the junta to improve the economy in the country.]
Left: [white] Disclose [yellow] Sia Kai
[This is about former commerce minister Watana Muangsook, whose nickname is Kai. He is a powerful person in the Pheu Thai Party. Sia is a Chinese word to call someone who is rich.]

lookwannee_21 sep

From Lokwannee, September 21, 2015
Main cover reads: Use it often… be careful, maybe it’s dried out!
Sign above “ON”: Section 44
Signs below red bottom (L-R): Legislative, executive and judiciary
[Refers to the use of Section 44 by the junta to govern the country. The junta has issued several regulations under its absolute power under Section 44 to solve controversial issues instead of solving them through the legislative, executive and judiciary branches.]

manager_19_25 sept

From Manager Weekly, September 19-25, 2015
Main cover reads: Father-Son-Relationship
[The man on the cover is the Crown Prince of Thailand and his son, Prince Dipangkorn Rasmijoti. Refers to a close relationship between the Crown Prince and his son. The picture shows that the Crown Prince is teaching the Prince to swim.]
Red box at the bottom right: Destroying “Chansongla” – Keep eyes on a rising of ‘Sudarat’
[Refers to the declining power of members of the Pheu Thai Party who have a close relationship with Thaksin and the rising power of Sudarat Keyuraphan in the party. Chansongla is the name of Thaksin’s house and the media uses this name to call the PTP group who are directly controlled by Thaksin. There are several groups in the party trying to compete for power.]
Yellow box at the bottom right: Case of “Chowong Sae Tang”
Today “the murder”
The real murder is still free.
[Refers to the reinvestigation of the death of tycoon Chuwong Sae Tang after the police concluded he was killed in a car accident. As usual, the police story appears to be a cover-up of a murder.]

matichon_18_24 sep

From Matichon Weekly, September 18-24, 2015
Main cover reads: I don’t want to ‘success’ the power. Even only one day, I still don’t want to say.
[The man on the cover is PM Prayuth. Refers to the rejection of the draft constitution which leads to the delay of elections. Many now suspect that the rejection may be a plan of the junta to extend their power. However, PM Prayuth insists that he did not want to maintain his power, but only wants to reform the country before the election.]
Headline at the top-right: Rejects the ‘draft constitution’
Feeling uncomfortable
Like drinking water and you see a leech inside the glass
A lonely flute song
[The man in a picture is Naowarat Pongpaiboon, a national artist. Refers to his expression toward the rejection of the draft constitution which caused a delay in elections.]

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