Weekly News Magazines, September 11-19, 2015

lokwannee_14 sep

From Lokwannee, September 14, 2015
Main cover reads: Use and then throw it…
Tissue on the box: Political counsel
On used tissues (from left-right): Auy, NGO, Borwornsak, NRC

[Auy is a nickname of ML Pridiyathorn, a former head of economic team was replaced by Somkid. NRC is the National Reform Committee.
The cover refers to how the junta uses the people and once they can no longer serve them, they are discarded like used tissue.
In the context of this pro-Thaksin/Red Shirt publication, the cover implies that the junta is flailing about trying to solve the country’s many problems.]

manager12_18 Sep

From Manager Weekly, September 12-18, 2015
Main cover reads: Pol Lt Col [this part is crossed out] Thaksin Shinawatra
Full rank of the exile prisoner [meaning he no longer has any rank]
Under Thaksin’s ID photo at top left: Mr. Thaksin… Shinawatra family… Becoming like this because of “Judge Bao”
[“Judge Bao” is a famous character from the Chinese literature and TV drama. He represents justice. Dramas featuring him are a staple of evening Thai TV. The headline means it is just that Thaksin is a fugitive.]

Top-right: The end of the drama. Angel Mafia
People in the picture from left to right are Manfa, Sek and Nampetch
[Refers to the conflict among two women, the celebrity Manfa and the actress Nampetch. Their story has been criticized for being a stunt used to get the media’s attention. Later, after their spat was publicized, Nampetch was selected to be a presenter for a rock singer Sek Loso’s product.]

Bottom left: [white] ‘Food intolerance’
Very dangerous and need to be aware
Orange circle: Special
Red bubble: Free
[Refer to the special health column on the food allergies.]

Bottom right: Reject the draft constitution and will stay until the year 60 [2017]
Just do whatever you want.
[Refers to the rejection of the draft constitution which causes a delay of the election to 2017. The phrase “do whatever you want” is a sarcastic reply to the junta’s extension of its power.]

matichon11_17 Sep

From Matichon Weekly, September 11-17, 2015
Main cover reads: [green] After Pridiyathorn- Borwornsak [red] will be whom?
Baby Darth Vader at lower right: Oh… why do you look at ‘Somkid’
[Refers to the junta which removes people whom had been working for them, but could not achieve their goal. Pridiyathorn, a former head of the government economic team, was replaced by Somkid. Borwornsak was former head of the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC). The new members of the CDC are now in the process of selection after the draft constitution was rejected.
The Darth Vader says that he is afraid that if Somkid fails to solve the economy, Somkid may face the same ax as Pridiyathorn and Borwansak.]
Top right: Sign from the star. Unfortunate meteorite. [referring to the exploding meteor over Thailand]


From Nation Weekend, September 11, 2015
Main cover reads: Reject it for ‘Somkid’
[The man is Somkid. The headline refers to the rejection of the draft constitution. This will lead to a delay of the election and will provide time for the junta and Somkid to solve the economic problems to boost their popularity with the public.]

Top right: [white] Disclose a hot clip
[yellow] ‘Pootai news’ from Laos
[white] Fun with the pain ass.
[The man is Ter Una, founder of the Una Studio. He who posted a clip about a disturbance caused by the group of Thai football fans during the Thailand-Vietnam match in Laos. This clip helps to cool down the conflict on the social media between Thai and Lao people towards the incident.
The phrase “Fun with the pain ass” is used by Ter Una to describe the game, which was fun, but due to the fan disturbance, it made the game a negative event.]

1st headline on the left: [white] Watch closely the Ratchprosong bombing
[white] Beyond [yellow] ‘Isan’ is whom?
[Refers to the suspects of the Ratchaprasong bombing. Now the police are trying to search for a person behind the bombing. A suspect named Isan is being questioned to uncover the bomb network.]

2nd headline on the left: [white] Thepchai Yong
[yellow] Warns that the new draft constitution
[white] Should not try to favor the politicians
[Refers to Thepchai’s article expressing his concern on the new draft constitution which will be written after the old one was rejected.]

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