Weekly News Magazines, October 9-16, 2015

Lokwannee_9 oct

From Lokwannee, September 9, 2015
Main cover reads: Draft Constitution, version “Single Gateway”
Above a hole: This country has only one hole.

[This cover combines the junta’s single gateway proposal with the drafting of a new charter that will be taken by a group of people hand-picked by the junta. The charter is criticized as being written to control people without providing any freedom to think differently. The single gateway policy was likewise criticized as a way to control the flow of information to people and drew comparisons to China and North Korea.]

manager_10-16 oct

From Manager Weekly, October 10-16, 2015
Main cover reads: Tiger vs. Tiger

[The men in the picture from left to right are former army chief Gen Udomdej Sitabutr and the new army chief Gen Teerachai Narkvanich.
This is the idiom “Tiger vs Tiger” meaning that two great persons compete with each others. It refers to the apparent conflict among the two army chiefs. After taking the post, Gen. Teerachai has reformed or reversed various practices set by the former chief.]

Top right: [blue] One care… makes [red] ‘Mitchai’ band brake out.

[The people in the photo from left: Chaiya, Mit and Ann. They are famous performers in traditional Thai drama and dance.
The headline refers to an illegal car which belongs to youngest brother of a member of the famous Likee ‘Mitchai’ band. This caused legal trouble for the family.]

Bottom left: [black] Disclose a secret… [yellow] eating veggie [black] as a professional

[Refers to the Vegetarian festival. This column provides tips for people to enjoy eating vegetables during the vegetarian festival.]

Bottom right: [blue] ‘Putin’ [black] flights with the U.S. Starts bombing in Syria. Helping ‘Assad.’

[The men in the photos from left to right: Russian President, Putin, Syrian President Assad and US President Obama.
Refers to the Russian intervention in Syria to fight the ISIS group. However, some criticize that this will be a proxy war between the US and Russia since the ISIS group which used to be trained and supported by the US.]

matichon_9-15 oct

From Matichon Weekly, October 9-15, 2015
Main cover reads: Calm down, calm down, ‘Moo’ (solid fang)

[The men in the photo from left: Former army chief Gen Udomdej Sitabutr and the new army chief Gen Teerachai Narkvanich
Refers to a internal conflict in the army between former army chief Gen Udomdej Sitabutr and the new army chief Gen Teerachai Narkvanich (whose nickname is “Moo” meaning “Pig” in Thai).
“Solid fang” is a idiom meaning a person who seems to be very easy and weak, but in fact, is not. This is a comparison between a hog with weak hollow tusks and a dangerous boar with solid tusks.
The phrase “Calm down, calm down, Moo” came from Deputy PM Prawit speaking to Gen. Teerachai due to his conflict with the former Gen. Udomdej.]

Top right: ‘F5’ mission. Starting the cyber war to target government websites to fight the ‘single gateway’

[Refers to campaign ‘F5’ to hack the government’s websites to protest the single internet gateway plan.]

nationa_9 oct

From Nation Weekend, October 9, 2015
Main cover reads:  New tiger, very active

[The man is new army chief Gen Teerachai Narkvanich. As another member of Pm Prayuth’s Eastern Tigers clique, he will be loyal to the anti-Thaksin military men how rule the country.
Refers to new army chief Gen Teerachai Narkvanich who is very active since taking his new post. He has reformed many things in the army. This leads to concern that this causes conflict with former chief army Gen Udomdej Sitabutr.]

Left: 39 years of Oct 6 from [yellow] ‘Thongchai’ [white] to [yellow] ‘Major Ting’

[Refers to 39th anniversary of the October 6 incident when students protested and were massacred in a right-wing backlash. The article elicits viewpoints from Thongchai Winichakul, a famous historian and former student leader in the October 6 incident, and Col. Ting–Major Chalermchai Matchaklam, a former right-wing Red Guar enforcer.]

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