Weekly News Magazines, October 30-November 6, 2015

lokwannee_31 oct

From Lokwannee, October 31, 2015
Main cover reads: Which one shall we wear?

[Refers to PM Prayuth’s saying that people can wear whatever color they want as long as it does not break a law. So, in this magazine’s view, people should be able to wear red to show their support for Yingluck.]

manager_31oct_6 Nov

From Manager Weekly, October 31-November 6, 2015
Main cover reads: Falling star
[The man is former chief spokesman Pol Gen Prawut Thavornsiri. This refers to his sudden resignation and suspicions that he may be involved with famous fortuneteller Suriyan Sujaritpalawong and a lèse majesté scandal.]

Top right: “Pijakana’ on tour. Showing another side of ‘Namtan’ an actress who doesn’t just use her beauty
[Refers to popular actress Pijakana whose nickname is “Namtan.” The article is an interview about her private and professional’s life.]

Bottom left: Gen. Paiboon Koomchaya
[white] “If you don’t corruption, there is no need to be afraid.” “It’s the good governance of ThaiHealth.”
[The man is Gen. Paiboon Koomchaya, Minister of Justice. This refers to the investigation of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation for using funds inappropriately.]

Right: [red] “Killing lady” [black] stirs up the anger of “hermit Tu” – Digs a hole ‘big fish’ to join the conflict game.
[The woman is Yingluck. This refers to Yingluck’s strategy to keep a low profile, but still push forward her supporters to fight against the junta led by PM Prayuth, whose nickname is Tu.]

matichon_30 oct_6Nov

From Matichon Weekly, October-November 6, 2015
Main cover reads: A person wearing white
[The woman is Yingluck. Refers to Yingluck’s political movment that includes her visiting many places to make Buddhist merit and, at the same time, meet her supporters. She avoids any overt reason for the junta to monitor by not wearing red or asking her supporters to wear red.]

Top right: Question on 100 million?
Treasure…network.. Pol.Major Aead Mhao Yong

[The men in pictures from left to right are Police Major Prakrom Warunprapa whose nickname is Aead and famous fortuneteller Suriyan Sujaritpalawong known as Mhao Yong.
They were arrested due to a charge on lèse majesté for making false claims about monarchy for personal benefit. Police Major Prakrom has already passed away after he hanged himself in his cell. This death is still under investigation.]

nationweekend_30 Oct

From Nation Weekend, October 30, 2015
Main cover reads: Human’s fate
[The man is former chief spokesman Pol. Gen. Prawut Thavornsiri. Refers to his recent resignation and suspicions that he may be involved with the famous fortuneteller Suriyan Sujaritpalawong and a lèse majesté scandal.]
Left: These are too small to read, but they refer to internal conflict among the Red Shirt leadership.

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