Weekly News Magazines, October 19, 2012

From Nation Weekend, October 2012
Cover reads: This is what we call ‘3G love.’
[The reference is to Suraboth Leekphai, better known as “Nong Pleum,” the only son of former head of the Democrat Party and former prime minister Chuan Leekphai. He became big news after announcing he will wed his co-colleague, Mullika Chongwattana. The pair co-host a show broadcast via Youtube called “VRZO.” The phrase “This is what we call 3G love” is because their decision is considered rapid. Mr. Suraboth is 25 years old, while his bride-to-be is 24.]

From Matichon Weekly, October 19, 2012
Cover reads: Self-sufficient Politics, Priewphan Way
[The reference is to Pol. Gen. Priewphan Damapong’s application on Monday, October 15, to be a Pheu Thai party member together with other military school classmates from Class 10. Class 10 is the clique that Thaksin was a part of and form his support in the army and police. Asked if he was going to be the next leader of the party, Pol. Gen. Priewphan replied that he was aware of his potential and was not going to run for election. However, former Chief of the Royal Thai Police is expected to have strong support from Prime Minster Yingluck and the cabinet by virtue of his being a Thaksin relative. Hence, the headline is a sarcastic comment about another Thaksin relative going from political obscurity to the heights of influence.]

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