Weekly News Magazines, October 1-7, 2016


From Manager Weekly, October 1-7, 2016
Main cover reads: Thank you 3 times [red] Not corrupt, but only ignored it.

[The woman is former PM Yingluck. The cover references Yingluck’s famous gaffe “thank you three times.”
As Yingluck was a non-politician plucked from obscurity to serve as prime minister, all her public statements were written including stage directions for her. Her responses in parliament were prewritten and often did not correspond to the questions or statements she was responding to.
One speech she was reading instructed her to say “Thank you” three times. However, she read the statement as written, telling the crowd “Thank you, three times.” This incident has since been used to ridicule her and show she was not really the prime minister, but a puppet for Thaksin.
The cover refers to Yingluck facing the corruption charges for the rice pledging scheme. It implies that she insists she is innocent of being corrupt, but surely decided to ignore the corruption of the rest of her family and her political party.]

Top: 10,800 million [white] End of the 130-year legend of Nai Lert Park hotel

[The woman is the managing director of Nai Lert Park Hotel, Naphaporn Bodiratmangkura. This refers to closure of the well-known five-star Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel owned by the Sambatsiri family due to the highly competitive business environment.]

Below left: “Ja-E-Jeab can’t avoid. [red] It’s time to get in trouble” [red] famous webpage idols.

[The cartoons are the profile pictures of Facebook page of Ja and E-jeab. This is an anonymous satire webpage. Its mascots have been licensed for many products as its popularity has grown. The Tax department is now investigating whether the creators of Ja and E-jeab should pay tax.]

Right: Closely watch new life of ‘Big Tik’ [red] When the bad things have passed, wait and see the possibility of becoming a board member.

[The man is PM Prayuth’s younger brother Gen. Preecha who has just retired. Recently, he and his family have been in a media spotlight due to inappropriate behavior and corruption. The article title suggests that Gen. Preecha will probably retreat from these scandals, and like many senior government officers, become a board member private companies.]


From Nation Weekend, September 30, 2016
Main cover reads: The weakest link

[The man in the cove is PM Prayuth’s younger brother Gen. Preecha Chan-ocha. Gen. Preecha and his family have been in the spotlight due to their inappropriate actions that have embarrassed the junta.
For example, his wife, Pongphan was criticized for her walking on a red carpet like a royal person at the opening ceremony of a weir construction that was inexplicably named in her honor. After these incidents, the public urged the National Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate her husband, Gen. Preecha.
The title suggests that Gen. Preecha and his family’s penchant for negative publicity is a weak link in the junta.]


1. October wind from the communist warriors to dance in the forest

[Refers to the article about October 6, 1976 massacre. Many students and political activists, who were labeled as communists at the time, fled Thailand’s cities and urban areas and went to the forest to join the Communist Party to avoid elimination by government mobs.]

2. An outbreak [yellow] three-word song [white] can become a hit

[Refers to the song ‘PPAP’ or ‘Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen’ by PIKOTARO. There are only few words in the song, but it get stuck to people’s head and became a hit as many people shared it on social media.]

3. “Pu” [white] gets in trouble. Pay huge compensation for a number of cases.

[Refers to former PM Yingluck whose nickname is “Pu.” She is facing a several charges and demands for her to pay huge compensation for the rice-pledging scheme.]

4. Red is sad due to the death of [yellow] ‘Uncle Yim’ – ‘Gotee’ [white] is still showing off.

[Refers to the death of the hardcore-Red Shirt ‘Uncle Yim’ whom died from cancer. However, his friend ‘Gotee’ is still continuing his political movement by actively attacking the royal family. Thais traditionally consider those who dare to break polite social conventions (such as attacking hierarchies like the royalty) as people who are pretentious show offs.]


From Matichon Weekly, September 30-October 6, 2016
Main cover reads: The ‘flashlight’ of justice

[At right is former PM Yingluck and at left is PM Prayuth’s younger brother Gen. Preecha. This shows how the junta targets its political enemy Yingluck for corruption, while ignoring junta members like PM Prayuth’s younger Gen. Preecha.]

Top: Electric car is coming. See the latest models
Inside the picture: Latest models.

[Refers to the article regarding new electric cars.]


From Lokwannee, October 1-7, 2016
Main cover reads: A politician who comes from the election: [bold] corrupt. [normal size] A politician who comes from the coup: [bold] not corrupt.
Monkey: Lie 4.0

[Like the Matichon Weekly cover above, this shows how the junta is pursuing elected politicians for being corrupt while ignoring members of their own junta. It also references junta policy that seems to assert that politicians who come from elections are most likely to be corrupt. This is part of the justification for the junta taking over the country to reform it.
“Lie 4.0” jokingly references the government’s “Thailand 4.0” policy to stimulate the economy and reduce corruption.]

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