Weekly News Magazines, May 27-June 3, 2016


From Matichon Weekly, May 27-June 2, 2016
Main cover reads: I’m getting bored.

[Refers to PM Prayuth’s statement that he appeared to mutter accidentally during an interview. The red hand is a device created by students to help patient ALS illness. This magazine used the photo and the quote to question how PM Prayuth will continue to control people’s hands (to vote) in the referendum on the charter.]

On the right: It’s a turn of Dr. Egg power to become like Jun…? An appointment of ‘police’–no one can touch on.

[The men in the picture from left to right: Admiral Phajun Tampratheep and Dr. Arthit Ourairat
Refers to Dr. Arthit’s comment posted on his Facebook on position-buying in the police.
After this comment was posted, he was threatened like Admiral Phrajun who was charged for violating Computer Crimes Act because he dared accuse the Thai police of corruption in the LINE chat app. Deputy PM Prawit, argueably the most powerful person in the junta, has seized control of the police behind-the-scenes, scuttling efforts to reform the body as long as they do the bidding of the junta. Thus, a shield of invulnerability has gone up around the force to prevent it from being reformed or criticized.
Dr. Arthit has been called ‘Dr. Egg power’ by the media as he used to have an egg factory.]


From Nation Weekend, May 27, 2016
Main cover reads: 6 heroines known around the world

[On the cover is a photo of Thai womans’ volleyball team. Top left-right: Pleumjit Thinkaow, Wilavan Apinyapong
Bottom left-right: Onuma Sittirak, Malika Kanthong, Nootsara Tomkom, Thatdao Nuekjang
Refers to Thai women’s volleyball team which was defeated by Japan in the women’s qualifying event for the Olympic games. After the game, there was strong criticism about unfair refereeing. Some Thai groups issued a campaign called ‘No Spirit’ against Japan.]

Top right: ‘Che’ [white] hasn’t died yet. Wherever is injustice [yellow] ‘Che’ will appear!!!

[Refers to an article about Che Guevara, the Marxist revolutionary. Although times have passed, he still is a potent symbol for people fighting injustice.]


From Manager Weekly, May 28-June 3, 2016
Main cover reads: You, I have something to tell. If you want to catch [red] Tammy, [black] you must urge [red] SSC (naja)

[The monk on the cover is Dhammakaya temple’s abbot Dhammachayo in a photo released to show he is too ill to report to police to face charges. The media gives him the nickname ‘Tammy’ which the sounds is likely similar to his name, ‘Dhamma (chayo).’ He uses the female sentence-ending word ‘naja’ at the end of his sentences. SSC is the Supreme Sangha Council which many Thais believe is sympathetic Dhammachayo and that might be protecting him.]

Top: When Dr. Arthit is shining brightly – to big brother [the U.S.]

[The man in the picture is Dr. Arthit Ourairat, Dean of Rangsit University.
Refers to a comment posted on Facebook about the inappropriate statements of US Ambassador to Thailand Glyn Davies about human rights and the lese majeste law.
Dr. Arthit, whose name means “the sun” in Thai, called on the government to return the ambassador to the US to teach a lesson to the US not to intervene with the internal political affairs of Thailand. In addition to this, Big brother refers to the US.]

Bottom left: Analysis on Japan winning over Thailand to go to the Olympics, [Thais had the] Best performance, but lost to the sponsor

[The picture is the woman volleyball match between Japan and Thailand. This refers to the defeat of Thailand’s volleyball team to Japan. This game was criticized for not being fair. The referee was blamed for trying to help Japan to win the game since Japan is a main sponsor for the world volleyball league.]

Bottom right: Disclose [blue] ‘Nong Mo’ due to her beauty, many women want to give her their uterus.

[The lady in the picture is Jirachya Sirimongkolnawin or Nong Mo, Miss Tiffany Universe 2016 Pattaya transgender pageant.
Refers to a story of current Miss Tiffany Jirachya. Many women praised her beauty which is more beautiful than a biological woman. Due to this, many of them really wish her to become a real woman. The saying “want to give someone their uterus” is meant to show their sadness that she could not become a real woman.]


From Lokwannee, May 28-June 3, 2016
Main cover reads: Use for hitting or hiding?
On the left of the canister: Performance of the government

[Refers to the junta’s performance after two years in power. This cover plays with idioms related to a metal bucket. “Hitting the metal bucket” means to announce loudly (like drumming), mostly with a positive meaning.
On the other hand, “hiding under the metal bucket” means to hide from the public because of doing something shameful.
Due to this, the cover questions the junta’s performance and whether it should be proud to be shown or ashamed since many problems are still unsolvable and the junta has been strongly criticized for violating the human rights of people.]

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