Weekly News Magazines: Four Years Already, May, 2018

From Lokwannee, May 25-June 1, 2018
Main cover reads: 4 years are very fast!!!
On the liquor bottle: Power Special liquor 44 ridiculous liquor factory. National Council for Peace and Order
[Refers to 4th year anniversary of the junta known as the National Council for Peace and Order controlling the country. This cover illustrates that now the junta seems to be addicted to power like an alcoholic. It portrays the military leaders as dinosaurs.]

From Siamrath Weekly Review, May 25-31, 2018
Main cover reads: Complex games [literally something like “game hides a game”]
On the poster in the background: Thailand hates dictator
[Refers to a recent rally to call for the elections this year on the four years anniversary of the coup.
It is thought that Thaksin really wants to have the election as soon as possible to forestall the junta attempts to put together a coalition to block his party.]

From Matichon Weekly, May 25-31, 2018
Main cover picture: 4 years of “moving backward’”
[Refers to a protest held by a pro-election groups led by student activist Rangsiman Rome (center). The junta’s performance has been criticized by those groups as moving the country backward. The country still faces economic problems as well as the decline of human rights and freedoms.]

Top: Kam Phaka [yellow] praises 5 Thais who are “out of the coconut’s shell” top 50 “Asians to watch”
[Refers to feminist writer Kam Phaka’s article praising five Thais, namely Thanathron Juangroongruangkit (top left), Parit ‘I-tim’ Watcharasindhu (top right), Netiwit Chotiphathphaisal (bottom left), Rasmee Isan Soul (bottom middle) and Taopiphop (middle bottom) who were in top 50 Asians to watch ranked by Singapore’s Straits Times newspaper.
These people are part of the “young generation” who dare to fight for change in society.
“Out of the shell” comes from Thai proverb “a frog in a coconut shell” meaning a person who believes they know everything from their limited perspective of being in a coconut shell.
Red Shirts and anti-junta call those who support the junta and oppose them “frogs in a coconut shell” claiming they believe whatever the junta tells them.]

From Manager Weekly, May 26-June 1, 2018
Main cover reads: Expensive for whom?
[Refers to an increase of oil price in Thailand. The article asks who will benefit from this. It makes the claim that the oil prices, controlled by Energy Minister Siri Jirapongphan, are excessive. With the Interior Ministry led by Gen. Anupong Paochinda (pictured left) actively promoting a renewable energy mega-project, it questions if the high oil prices are meant to support the acceptance of the project and the inevitable kickbacks that would go to supporting the junta’s election bid.]

Top: Behind an “order” to wash out a “temple’s fund corruption gang” Arrest 3 “Phra Phrom” to clean “Saket temple” – The mission on reforming “Dongkamin world”
[Refers an arrest of senior monks consisting Phra Phrom Sith (first from left) Phra Phrom Dilok (second monk), Phra Phrom Methi (third monk) and Phra Attakijsoporn for alleged embezzlement.
Not only being senior monks in the Sangha Supreme Council, most of them are from Saket Temple. This action illustrates the bold attempt to reform Buddhism in the country.
“Dongkamin” refers to Buddhism. We thing this can be explained as follows: “kamin” means turmeric while “dong” is a group. Turmeric also refers to the color of a monk’s clothes. So, the word “Dongkamin” refers to the “monk’s world.”
Buddhism in Thailand recently has faced criticism for commercialism which violates Buddhist principles.]

Bottom left: Completed the fourth year since the coup. The NCPO shows it is handling the mob event to fight or “delay the election”
[Refers to the protest for quick elections this year on the fourth year anniversary of the junta known as the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO).
However, this rally was stifled by the junta and did not cause any real effects. There was speculation in much of the media that this group protest was doubtless linked with Thaksin who needs to prove his relevance and turn the narrative of elections about being about a quick “return to democracy.”]

Middle: Hire “beautiful girls” writing on their sexy chests – A technique of “football gambling website” – Be careful for violating the law
[Refers to a technique used by the football gambling websites to promote their website by hiring sexy girls to write their advertisement on their chests. Such public sexiness, particularly on the internet, is often cracked down on in Thailand.]

Right: “Lek-Busaba” does a massive reform of GMM25 “Jae Chod” fighting hard on a new project
[Refers a huge reform of the digital TV channel “GMM25” led by Busaba “Lek” Daoruang (left), the successor to GMM’s senior executive Saithip “Chod” Montrikul Na Ayudhaya (right). Jae is Chinese word meaning “elder sister.”]

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