Weekly News Magazines, May 13-20, 2016


From Nation Weekend, May 13, 2016
Main cover reads: Praing praing sounds like a thunderbolt
On a poster: [red] Angry [blue] very

[PM Prayuth displayed this poster to the media during his participation in an event promoting Visakha Bucha day. PM Prayuth told the media that he gets very angry since he has to fight with bad people. He jokingly asked his staff to put this on a poster that hangs in the cabinet office.]

On the left: Shut down [yellow] gold mines’ [white] to return happiness to people or to reverse a political game.

[Refers to the latest order from the junta to shut down all gold mines in Thailand by the end of the year. This action is believed to ease the conflict between the local people in many provinces affected by private companies whose activities pollute local communities.]


From Matichon Weekly, May 13, 2016
Main cover reads: In a ‘hug’ of [yellow] the world [yellow] ja

[The picture is of Resistant Citizens group leader Sirawith ‘Ja New’ and his mother Patnaree Charnkij.

Refers to Ja New’s mother who faces lese majeste charges. However, later she was granted bail. The police charged her for collaborating to insult the monarchy and to break the computer crime law on national security. One piece of evidence shown by the police is that there was a conversation between her and another person in which she replied ‘ja’ (a Thai expression of acknowledgement that sometimes is meant to mean “yes” or “ok”–it is an affirmative expression of acknowledgement) in reply to anti-monarchy comments.

The English-language press initially reported that she was charged only because she did not say anything to oppose the anti-monarchy comments. However, the police responded that this was not true and that there was other evidence that have not been released to the media. Her arrest raised criticism from various human rights groups that the junta’s actions violated freedom of speech.

Update: When this explanation was first written on May 18, the international media had not reported on the specific issue of “ja”–instead cribbing from anti-junta activists who claimed Patnaree for saying nothing at all (her “silence”).

However, by May 21 the BBC had picked up on the more specific “ja” issue (The Thai cleaning lady facing prison for ‘I see’) which leads us to believe that at least some in the international press do follow Thai-language sources of news rather than just reworking info from the Nation and Bangkok Post with a few local color quotes thrown in.]

Top right: Fin… premium with national husband ‘Song Joong-ki’

[The photo is from a famous Korean drama entitled ‘Descendant of the Sun’ starring Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-kyo. The story is about a soldier working as a UN soldier dispatched from South Korea who meets a volunteer doctor. Due to Joong-ki’s popularity, he is referred to in the media as the national husband who win all the girl’s hearts. The word ‘fin’ comes from the word ‘finale’ but in Thai, it’s to express the feeling like ‘very very happy’ or ‘very awesome.’]


From Manager Weekly, May 14-20, 2016
Main cover reads: [red] Transferred immediately [white] The army [yellow] hurts Thai’s heart, [black] pleases [red] Hun Sen.

[Soldiers from left to right: Commander of the Sixth Infantry Regiment Col. Tanasak Mitrapanond who was behind the construction of the Preah Vihear replica and Army commander-in-chief Gen. Teerachai Narkvnich. In the background is the Preah Vihear replica built in Thailand near the border.
After news of this model became widely know, Army commander-in-chief Gen. Teerachai transfer Col. Tanasak from field force commander in areas close to Cambodia’s Preah Vihear temple to an Army staff member (an inactive post) without providing any explanation. Col Tanasak’s replica threatened to harm relations between Cambodia and Thailand over the temple. This news magazine is often rabidly nationalist and interprets this news as a humiliation for Thailand and a victory for Cambodia’s Hun Sen.]

Top: For investors or people [purple] Listen to the answer from [green] Thapana Sirivadhanabhakdi. Big boss of Pracharath

[The man in the picture is Thapana Sirivadhanabhakdi., CEO of ThaiBev. This refers to an exclusive interview of Thanapa who also taking a role of as head of Pracharath or People’s State Model to improve the grassroots economy established by the junta in cooperation with the private sector. Since many measures created by Pracharath focuses on increasing investment, questions have been raised as to whether the measures are established for supporting the people or rich investors.]

Below left: “Mai-Chompoo’ [black] just presenters for products, have an event in Cannes.

[Women from left to right: Araya A. Hargate (or Chompoo) and Davika Hoorne (or Mai).
This refers to the conflict between famous actress Chompoo and Mai. Gossip has contended that Mai is trying to copy the career path of Chompoo, especially this year as she also went to the Cannes Festival as a promotion for ice-cream maker Magnum. This is said to be similar to Chompoo who is always invited to Cannes as a brand ambassador of L’Oreal.]

Below right: “PM fighting” [black] when the poll reflects his popularity’s decline?

[PM Prayuth is holding a poster says ‘very angry.’ This refers to PM Prayuth who always seems very angry when he answers the media. He showed this poster during one event and told the media that he seems to be angry every time because he has to fight with bad people to help the country. The article title uses the word ‘fighting’ which in Thai is used as an exhortation to cheer up a person. Thus, the article tell PM Prayuth to cheer up despite news that he is less popular with the public.]


From Lokwannee, May 14-20, 2016
Main cover reads: [on the ant] Computer act, Referendum act [number] 112, 116, 44
Small sentence below: Rights and Freedom. Thai people still can express themselves freely.

[This cover notes that although the junta insists that Thai people can freely express their views about the junta and draft constitution, some who post messages calling for the rejection of the draft have been arrested due to violations of law such as the Computer Act or the National Security Act.]

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