Weekly News Magazines, March 23-April 7, 2017

From Matichon Weekly, March 24-30, 2017
Main cover reads: The miracle of Ko-Tee

[Refers to the recent flurry of news related to hardcore anti-monarchist Red Shirt Wuttipong Kotthammakhun, commonly known as Ko-Tee. The government touted the seize of war weapons at his estate in Thailand and claimed it was part of a plot to assassinate the prime minister.
The junta previously said they used “a miracle” of law to be able to assess a large tax penalty on Thaksin. Here the phrase similarly is used to joke that the seizure of weapons involving Ko-Tee might be another “miracle” manufactured to aid in the junta’s plans to eliminate the Red Shirts.
Indeed, the controversy around Ko-Tee has shown the limits of junta power with the Thai government unable to pressure the Lao authorities over many months to curtails the revolutionary, anti-monarchy radio station Ko-Tee was running from Laos.]

Left: Silent coup d’ etat. ‘Nang Loeng’ Race Course took the power of ‘Gen. Ai’

[Refers the attempt of the National Council for Peace and Order led by PM Prayuth and Deputy PM Prawit to overthrow the power bases of Gen. Boonlert Kaewprasit by sending their people to sit on the board of the Nang Loeng Race Course (formally known as the Royal Turf Club of Thailand under the Royal Patronage). Gen. Boonlert comes from military clique aligned with Deputy PM Prawit, but seems to be in the process of being sidelined from power by the junta.]

From Nation Weekend, March 24, 2017
Main cover reads: In Laos ‘Ko-Tee regime’

[Refers to hardcore Red Shirt Wuttipong Kotthammakhun (known as Ko-Tee) who uses a pirate radio station from Laos broadcast to Thailand in order to call on a revolution to overthrow the present Thai state.]

Left: Loudly shot in the forest. An extrajudicial kill of ‘Chaiyaphum.’ Disclose-investigate the truth.

[Refers to the teenage ethnic Lahu activist Chaiyaphum Pa-sae who was shot to death allegedly for drug possession. Witnesses have disputed this official account and critics have called for a transparent investigation to disclose the facts of the killing.]

From Manager Weekly, March 25-31, 2017
Main cover reads: Marine mask

[This cover plays on the popular TV show ‘The Mask Singer’ in which masked competitors sing. The cover graphic uses this to criticise the transparency of the purchase of Chinese-made submarines by the junta.]

Top left: The Mask Singer. When it reaches the peak, it needs to prepare for the decline of the singing competition.

In the picture is the winner “Durian Mask” and “Crow Mask” who came in second.

[The popular TV show “The Mask Singer” broke a ratings record. Due to the popularity of the program, many other similar programs have been rushed to air and will face the challenge of winning audiences amid intense competition.]

Top right: “The blue group” [the Bhumjaithai Party] gains momentum. The cabinet gives 300 million to fulfill the dream of “Sie Ne.” “Sie Noo” feels happy to become the PM

[Refers to the close relationship between the former Bhumjaithai Party and the junta. Recently, the junta approved the budget for hosting the MotoGP in Thailand which results in giving benefits to political veteran Newin Chidchob. Meanwhile, Bhumjaithai Party leader Anutin Charnviraku, who close to Newin, is believed to be the middleman for the deal between the junta and Thaksin for a reconciliation plan.
However, the junta has dismissed all rumors about any secret reconciliation deal. It is likely the reality behind these rumors is that the Bhumjaithai Party leader is trying to build his political base with the ultimate goal to become the next prime minister.]

Below left: Arrest ‘Ko-Tee’ a deal to exchange ‘Xaysana’

[Refers to the alleged deal between the Lao government and the junta. The junta has been asking the Lao government to help arrest hardcore Red Shirt Wuttipong Kotthammakhun (known as Ko-Tee) who has been calling for the overthrow of the Thai state from his pirate radio station in Laos.
This is thought to possibly be connected to arrests and a widening probe into the celebrity and business links of an alleged Laos drug lord Xaysana Keopimpha. The rumor is that the Thais are shutting down the network of this influential Laos person in Thailand in exchange for the apprehension of Ko-Tee.]

Below right: Good ways to eat vitamins to get the most benefit for the health.

From Lokwannee, April 1-7, 2017
Main cover reads: Threat to (non) security

[This ridicules the junta’s order to close down Voice TV for a week due to its criticism of the junta. The “eyes” on the cover are the logos of Voice TV.]

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