Weekly News Magazines, March 18-25, 2016

18 matichon

From Matichon Weekly, March 18, 2016
Main cover reads: For your acknowledgement

[The man on the cover is Gen. Theerachai Nakvanich.
Refers to the comments on the draft constitution from a group called “the four rivers” consisting of the cabinet, the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), and National Reform Steering Assembly (NRSA), submitted to the Constitution Drafting Commission (CDC).
The cover implies the comments, signed by Army chief Gen. Theerachai Nakvanich implies that the Constitution Drafting Commission cannot reject the military’s demands.]

Top right: Jiew focuses to hit in the ‘middle.’ Promote ‘third force.’ To end the conflict among two sides?

[The man in the picture is former PM Gen. Chanvalit Yongchaiyudh (nicknamed “Jiew”). He again claimed he has a ‘third force’ comprised of millions of people from various groups aiming to end the conflicts between the military and Thaksin. Since he has a close ties with Thaksin, his alleged political movement is looked upon with skepticism.]

18 nation

From Nation Weekend, March 18, 2016
Main cover reads: Seniority system

[The man on the cover is Deputy PM Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan. He is a respected senior member of the ‘Eastern Tigers’ that includes PM Prayut. Prawit has emerged as perhaps the most powerful personality in the government.]

Left: The military moves forward [yellow] break the referendum [white] fight with anti-group

[Refers to the attempt to pass the draft constitution which has been opposed by many groups.]

19-25 mar

From Manager Weekly, March 19-25, 2016
Main cover reads: Woman: You can’t secretly put something inside the constitution.
Man: But you can’t dissatisfy me like this.

[This conversation mimics a famous conversation from the TV drama “Diary of Tootsies.” It refers to the draft constitution which has been written to serve the military and junta’s interests. The woman represents people who are against the draft constitution while the man has the role of the military and junta. The woman is Pattarasaya ‘Peak’ Kreursawansiri and the man is Thongchai ‘Ping-pong’ Tongkantoom]

Top: Step on other’s heads or it’s her day. [white] 2 different views [red] ‘Mai-Choompoo’

[The woman on the left is Davika Hoorne or Mai while on the right is Araya A. Hargate or Choompoo.
Refers to the conflict between new rising star Mai and famous actress Choompoo. Mai is accused on trying to steal advertisement contracts from Choompoo and copy Choompoo’s career path. Some say Mai become a presenter for because she is very popular and is not stealing anyone’s job. To step on other’s heads is a Thai proverb meaning that someone who does anything, even destroy others, to make themselves look better.]


From Lokwannee, March 19-25, 2016
Main cover reads: Accept–not accept It’s the right! Don’t violate the law!

[This cover insists on the rights of people to accept or reject the draft constitution. It contends that the junta cannot force people to accept it and people should be free to express their comments toward the draft (instead of being silenced by the military).
This appears to be the strategy for those who oppose the draft charter going forward. Red Shirt leaders and Pheu Thai politicians have stated that, if the draft is voted down, the military itself must cede power as they have failed.
What is the meaning of the leaning tower of Pisa here?]

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