Weekly News Magazines, March 11-18, 2016


From Matichon Weekly, March 11, 2016
Cover reads: Pha Pha Pha ‘Jun’

[The man on the cover is National Reform Steering Assembly member and Prem’s former aide Adm. Phajun Tamprateep.
This refers to the latest eclipse which, according to Thai astrological beliefs, brings bad luck to people. The cover implies that Adm. Phajun received an influence from the eclipse as he is now facing a defamation charge for posting on his Line app about the traditional of the buying of rank in the police force.]

Top right: Uthai Pimchaichon teaches how to ‘get down from the tiger’s back’

[The man in the photo is former House speaker Uthai Pimchaichon. Refers to an article about Uthai who provides advice to the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPC) on how to withdraw from power and conduct elections. This caption refers to the Thai proverb (also in English) ‘to ride on the tiger’s back’ referring to the difficulty of stepping down from power and losing the ability to protect oneself.]


From Nation Weekend, March 11, 2016
Main cover reads: Fox talismans [white] tells that I am… a champion?

[The monk on the cover is Phra Prommangkalachan. This refers to the English football team Leicester City owned by Thai millionaire Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha. Since Vichai is a devout Buddhist, he invited Phra Prommangkalachan to the team headquarters to pray success and luck in the game. Now Leicester City, which uses the fox as its symbol, is in the top rank of the Premier League. Phra Prommangkalachan also gave the players some amulets and fabric talismans as good luck charms.]

Left: Agenda on [yellow] ‘NCPO’ [white] nominated senator for 5-year term guaranteed the new power.

[Refers to the draft constitution which includes nominated senators. This raises a concern whether the new constitution will be used as a tool to transform the power of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) in the future.]

12-18mar Manager

From Manager Weekly, March 12-18, 2016
Main cover reads: Death star coming [yellow] Ramoo will swallow for a long time.

[Refers to the recent eclipse. Astrlogically, Thai mythology explains that Rahu, the severed head of a divine being called Svarbhanu, swallows the sun causing the eclipse which will bring bad luck. In the cartoon, Rahu is shown as Deputy PM Prawit whose nickname is “Moo” (“pig” in English). The author combines “Rahu” with “moo” to create “Ramoo.” All of this is to warn people that the military are swallowing the country for a long time meaning they will have continued pervasive influence.]

Top right: [yellow] Popcorn gunman, a hero who was left? And misses ‘Lung Kamnun’

[Refers to Wiwat Yodprasit, known as the “Popcorn gunman,” who was arrested and charged with attempted murder and possession of a gun. He was a member of the anti-Yingluck government groups led by Phra Buddha Isara. He was a hero for some anti-government protestors when he opened fire at a political clash with an assault rifle covered with a popcorn bag to fend off counter protests by Red Shirts. Suthep, known as “Lung Kamnun,” has remained silent on this issue.
All this alludes to the politics of both Thaksin and those who oppose them. Both sides use “little people” to come out on the streets to fight and die or post threats against the monarchy. When these people are arrested and charged, no big politicians who were trying to benefit from their actions are willing to protect them.]

[White] ‘Boob’ How she get them!!!?? When an actress gets bored with the innocent look and want to put the silicone in.

[Refers to the recent trend of many young actresses to change their looks to be sexier by having breast implants.]


From Lokwannee, March 12-18, 2016
Main cover reads: Death star [small letter] Disturbing mission… for (not) transforming?

[Refers to Uranus which recently completed its journey around the sun. It shifted to the Aries on early March 2016. For Thai astrologers, Uranus is a harbinger of doom and causes widespread anxiety. The last time when the Uranus entered Aries was 84 years ago which marked a revolution in Thai politics leading to the overthrow of the absolute monarchy.
As a pro-Thaksin and Red Shirt magazine, the cover insinuates that the latest move of Uranus could lead to another revolution in Thai politics that would oust the junta.]

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