Weekly News Magazines, June 17-24, 2016


From Nation Weekend, June 17, 2016
Main cover reads: Shitanmae Pong… End

[The monk on the cover is Dhammakaya temple’s abbot Dhammachayo.
It refers to Dhammachayo’s famous saying “Shitanmae pong… rich.” “Shitanmae” is the word said by the Buddha meaning “we win.” WE think “pong” is just the sound of a puff of magic.
Dhammachayo always says “Shitanmae Pong Rich” to encourage people to donate more to the sect. This is in keeping with the sect’s peculiar belief system that states that goodness will happen depending the amount of your donation to the Dhammakaya temple. The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) has attempted to arrest Dhammachayo due to his charge on money laundry. However, his followers have tried to block the DSI from arrest their beloved abbot.
The cover headline jokes that the sect is now cornered and doomed.]

Top right: NGO asks a good man ‘Vikrom’ how’s about the hornbill in the golden cage

[The photo is from industrial estate tycoon Vikrom Kromadit’s Facebook.
This refers to the uproar and questions over how a rich man like Vikrom can openly violate the law by keeping an endangered bird as a pet on his property
Later, his brother was charged with illegally hunting (and capturing) the preserved hornbill after he admitted the wrongdoing.
All of this controversy is in the spirit of media irony as Vikrom presents himself as a clean and good tycoon. He has written many books about his life and works.]

Headline on the left:
1st: 3 knights of Dhammakaya have not gone anywhere

[Refers to three monks who are close to Dhammachayo. After being silent in the media, the public is curious as to whether Dhammachayo’s influential supporters are still with him.]

2nd: Orlando’s massacre. A heritage of guns in the U.S.

[Refers to the gun issue in the US after the Orlando shooting which killed 49 people.]

3rd: Anti-fraud center — an interfering event for the Red Shirts [meaning that events have conspired to hamper Red Shirt activities at this time]

[Refers to the anti-fraud center created by the Red Shirts to monitor the referendum of the draft constitution. This has been universally seen as part of the political maneuvering Thaksin and those who oppose the junta.]

4th: New column – ‘Underground news agency’

[Refers to a new column of the magazine.]

5th: ‘Tycoon Vichai’ expands his wings to occupy the sky.

[Refers to Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, the owner of Thailand’s duty free King Power shops and the Leicester City Football team, who took over Thai low cost carrier Air Asia to expand his business into the aviation industry.]


From Matichon Weekly, June 17-23, 2016
Main cover reads: Soon [yellow] against [red] Sun

[The man in the cover is Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan.
The group of Red Shirts behind from left to right: Jatuporn Prompan, Thida Thanvornseth, Nattawut Saikua.
Refers to the Red Shirt’s anti-fraud center established with the aim to monitor the draft constitution referendum. The center was banned by the junta.
The cover plays with the sound of the words “Soon” in Isan-language meaning “angry” and “Sun” in Thai meaning “center.”
So the title means “Angry against the center.”]

Top: A mission of being bitten by crab-CFIT. A missile of ‘LINE’ The pilot hits the ground.

[Refers to a leak of LINE’s messages of Nok Air pilots’ joking about crashing the plane that Yingluck was taking. “Crab” is Yingluck’s nickname.
CIFT stands for Controlled Flight Into Terrain. It used to describe a scenario when a pilot flies an aircraft into the ground.
The title jokes that instead of Yingluck being in the crash, the pilot who made the joke was fired.]

18-24 june

From Manager Weekly, June 18-24, 2016
Main cover reads: Disclose! Wat Saket Declaration [red] Thakky-Tammy [black] conspires with [white] a plan to establish Dhammakaya state-new Thai state

[The monk on the left is Dhammakaya temaple’s abbot Dhammachayo and the man on the right is Thaksin.
Refers to the close ties between Dhammakaya temple and Thaksin’s regime. This article discloses alleged secrets behind their relationship. A former Wat Saket temple abbot also allegedly has close ties with Dhammakaya. “The Wat Saket Declaration” is the alleged agreement that began the relationship among the groups.]

Top right: Take over “Air Asia” unclear deal of a tycoon of “King Power”

[In the photo from left to right: King Power owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha and Thai Air Asia CEO Tassapon Bijleveld.
Refers to Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, the owner of Thailand’s duty free King Power shop who took over Thai low-cost carrier Air Asia.]

Bottom left: Dhamma enlightens Bowie. Stop taking sexy photos “Although paid 10 million baht, she won’t accept it”

[The lady is sexy actress and model Bowie Atthama who recently began seriously studying Buddhism and has decided not to have sexy photos taken of herself anymore.]

Bottom right: Ong-art Dhammanitta – young spokesman beloved by Naja

[The man is Dhammakaya temple spokesman Ong-art Dhammanitta. The title uses “naja” to refer to Dhammayachayo in its profile of Ong-art.
In Thai, the word ‘naja’ is used by women to mark the end of a statement. However, Dhammakaya temple’s abbot Dhammayachayo uses this word although he is male.]


From Lokwannee, June 18-24, 2016
Main cover reads: Anti-fraud (Center)
Hornbill: Now, it’s too bad. People share Facebook posts.
Nok Air’s plan: Be careful, Captain…!!! Don’t hit the hornbill.

[Refers to the establishment of the anti-fraud center established by the Red Shirts to monitor the referendum of the draft constitution.
The cover implies that while the junta banned the Red Shirt’s anti-fraud center which had a good objective to monitor fraud, other incidents of fraud (or wrong-doing) are happening all around.
Tycoon Vikrom illegally keeps hornbills (as revealed on his Facebook post) and Air Nok pilots joke about killing former PM Yingluck in a plane crash.]

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