Weekly News Magazines, July 9-15, 2016


From Nation Weekend, July 8, 2016
Main cover reads: Madame who is making the maid feeling sad.

[The woman is Monta Yokrattanakan. The headline uses the Thai idiom, “the madame who is called such by her maid.” It means that an ordinary person is respected by others and they praise or honor this person by calling them “madame.” All of this refers to Monta allegedly lodged false complaints against her former employees. However, the case became more complicated as Monta was eventually found to be involved in many cases of alleged wrongdoing.]

Top right: ‘Kwanchai’ [white] can’t escape so returns to Thailand. Being jailed for 2 years for beating Yellow.

[The man in the pink shirt is hardline Red Shirt leader from northeastern region Kwanchai Sarakham. Kwanchai finally surrendered to authorities to serve two years in jail for leading an attack on a Yellow Shirt protest.]


RIP [yellow] ‘teacher Aew’ [white] Support the execution

[Refers to a school teacher named Aew who was raped and murdered. Enraged members of the public launched a campaign to execute the murderer in order to prevent this kind of tragedy to happen again.]

‘Hardline Red’ [white] is gone mysteriously. Was he taken to the military camp?

[Refers to a Red Shirt who disappeared. Red Shirt leaders have been loudly accusing the military of secretly detaining him or killing him. The military says they never detained him.]

‘Uncle Tu’ injects the high dose to clean up [yellow] ‘Tubberk’

[Refers to PM Prayuth who is considering using absolute power from Article 44 to deal with intractable problems at the popular tourist spot Phu Tubberk in Petchaboon Province.]

Recalling a previous life [yellow] ‘Yingkai’ knows Leng Dragon [this seems to be an alias for a well-know person; anyone know who?]

[Refers to Monta Yokrattanakan or Khunying Kai who lodged false complaints against her former employees. However, the case became more complicated as Monta was eventually found to be involved in many cases of alleged wrongdoing. The article discusses the details of her story that include Monta claiming that she could recall her previous lives and knew many powerful people. She allegedly told her employees to use the royally bestowed title “Khunying” when addressing her despite never having been gifted with the title.]


From Matichon Weekly, July 8-14, 2016
Main cover reads: Well done…

[The man on the cover is Meechai Ruchupan, a chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC). This is a sarcastic comment that seems to imply that the military will ensure that the draft constitution passes no matter what in the referendum.]

Top right: Secretly ‘hidden’ [yellow] Mystery game of ‘hiso’ [red] Khunying Kai

[The woman is Monta Yokrattanakan or Khunying Kai. Refers to the complicated case of Monta Yokrattanakan who lodged false complaints against her former employees. Now the police are investigating whether Monta also violated the lese majeste law since she allegedly used the title ‘Khunying’ without having actually received the title. After this case became know in the media, her past was investigated and it was found that she was involved with many other odd cases and incidents that included the disappearances of powerful people.]


From Manager Weekly, July 9-15, 2016
Main cover reads: 7.6 billion [black] corrupt before leaving. The pig a follower of Khamnan Thaug [Bangkok Governor M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribatra is nicknamed “Pig” and 7.6 billion baht is the budget for the city proposed by the Bangkok Governor]
Suthep: Remember, if you don’t choose us, then he will come. [this is Suthep’s famous saying calling on voters to vote for the Democrat Party simply because they can block the return of Thaksin]
M.R. Sukhumbhand: We will take care of our life (together) [this is Sukhumbhand’s campaign motto and motto as Bangkok Governor]

[Refers to the relationship between Suthep Thaugsuban, known as Khamnan Thaug and Bangkok Governor M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribatra. Both are originally from Democrat Party. However, due to corruption and an unsatisfying performance as Bangkok Governor, M.R. Sukhumbhand has been harshly criticized and isolated within his own party. He appears to have made an alliance with Suthep and there are rumors that they will form a new political party.
The cover mocks sayings or mottoes said by Suthep and Sukhumbhand which now seem empty and self-serving considering both of these politicians’ performances in the real world.]

Top: “Thi—a” Actress from Channel 8 who drives “DJ Man” crazy [purple] causing ‘Baitoey’ to almost break up!!!
From left to right: Thiya, DJ Man and Baitoey

[Refers to the well-known couple DJ Man and Baitoey and the rumor that they broke up due to DJ Man’s crush on colleague Thiya. They both perform in the same drama show on Channel 8.]

[Other headlines include an article about the surrender of Red Shirt headliner Kwanchai.
Kwanchai turned himself in to authorities to serve two years in jail for conspiring to attack a Yellow Shirt protest site.
The normal political dynamic in this situation is for the person who sponsored Kwanchai and his movement–former PM Thaksin–to direct Kwanchai to remain on the run. Kwanchai would then give interviews and deny the charges.
Behind the scenes he would be promised that, once a new government controlled by Thaksin takes power, the cases against him would be cleared in some way.
For Kwanchai to suddenly surrender to a military junta, acknowledge the charges, and do his time is a great boon to the junta. It reminds the public that the Red Shirts, for all their revolutionary talk, are merely a political pressure group acting for a conventional politician.
Kwanchai’s actions have raised questions as to whether his relationship with Thaksin and other Red Shirt leaders has declined. Other theories cite this event as a sign of the declining influence of Thaksin over domestic politics or perhaps an acknowledgment that, no matter how strong voter support for Thaksin is, he will never again be able to alter the nation’s laws for his own benefit under the restrictive new charter.
Any of these could have led to Kwanchai making a deal with the junta to finally clear up his legal woes.]


From Lokwannee, July 9-15, 2016
Main cover reads: If you don’t respect the law, then what do we have the law for?

[The image shows the military boot in place of the constitution plinth on Democracy Monument. This imagery has also begun to appear in pro-Thaksin editorial cartoonists.
This refers to allegations that the junta is cheating in order to make sure the draft constitution is accepted.]

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