Weekly News Magazines, July 30-August 5, 2016


From Manager Weekly, July 30-Aug 5, 2016
Main cover reads: The secret of Doctor Prem, who loves kids [white] He should check up his health often.

[The photo is of Dr. Premsak Piayura, the married Ban Phai district municipality mayor. In the photo he is sitting near a young girl with money in front of them at the girl’s house. This looks like a typical Thai marriage ceremony.
The circulation of this embarrassing photo led to a series of scandals for the mayor including the widely publicized incident where he made a reporter disrobe in retaliation for publicizing the photo.
Premsak contends he was in the girl’s house because he was helping the girl’s family (apparently during some ceremony).
The headline refers to a country music song which about an old man who has a young girl friend. The lyrics of the song suggest that the old man frequently check his health in order to “stay firm” with his young girlfriend.]

Top: 3 monk protectors [yellow] ‘Fon-San-My’ don’t leave Somdet Chaung alone [meaning that powerful monks pictured continue to support Somdet Chaung as Supreme Patriarch]
Monks top left to right: Somdet Chuang, Phra Methithammamajarn,
Below left to right: Dhammachayo, Phra Kru Palad Sitthiwat

[Refers to the controversial appointment of a new Supreme Patriarch. PM Prayuth has insisted that the Supreme Patriarch not be appointed until all the disputes surrounding the appointment are settled.
Somdet Chaung was nominated by the Sangha Supreme Council, but is opposed by many groups due to a tax evasion case and his close ties with Dhammachaya, the abbot of Dhammakaya Temple.]

Bottom-left: Mark ‘Gano’ cockroach’s nest is explored.
Suthep: Ga-yes [“Ga-yes” is a word mixed between Thai and English to mirror Abhisit’s call to reject the charter or “gano.” It means Suthep said “vote yes” while Abhisit said “vote no.”]

[Refers to the conflict among Democrat Party’s members on the referendum on the draft constitution. Suthep Thaugsuban, former Democrat member, announced his stand to support the draft constitution while party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva (whose nickname is Mark), announced he would reject the draft.
This headline also refers to an incident when authorities banned the advertising flags of a coffee brand named “Gano.” The name of this brand sounds like “vote no” in Thai. Red Shirts had been posting images of the coffee container with these words online as a way to express their opinion on the charter vote without violating the military ban on campaigning against it.
Democrat Party is often derisively referred to as “cockroaches” for their ability to survive any political landscape. Thus the article title jokes that it will explore the Democrat’s inner-workings as different parts of the party oppose and accept the new charter.]

Bottom-right: GMM25 in crisis and One Channel also losses

[The woman is Saithip Montrikul na Ayudhaya, chief executive officer at GMM Channel Digital TV and man is GMM One chief executive Thakonkiat Viravan.
Refers to the struggles of companies involved in starting new digital TV stations. Many companies have shut down their operations and even big entertainment companies like GMM are facing losses.]


From Nation Weekend, July 22, 2016
Main cover reads: Democrat partially

[The man is Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva.
Refers to the conflict among Democrat Party members on the referendum of the draft constitution and the unclear stance of the party itself towards voting yes or no.]

1st headline on the left: Subdue [red] ‘Jae Dang’ – The NCPO handles with ‘family [yellow] ‘Buranupakorn’

[The woman is Thaksin’s sister Yaowapa Wongsuwat, nicknamed “Dang.” “Jae” is Chinese word meaning “elder sister.” This word also used to refer to a respected elder woman.
Refers to the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO). The NCPO recently seized documents said to contain misinformation about the draft constitution and investigated the link to Thaksin supporter Boonlert Buranupakorn, the chief executive of Chiang Mai Provincial Administrative Organisation and a former Chiang Mai Mayor. The Buranupakorn enjoys the patronage of Thaksin’s sister Yaowapa Wongsawat. If Boonlert is involved, it shows a very close connection to Thaksin himself.]

2nd headline: Unexpected [yellow] ‘Doctor Prem’ [white] unstable condition

[Refers to Premsak Piayura. Ban Phai district municipality mayor. He was attacked by the media after ordering his staff to strip off a journalist’s pants off after publicizing a photo that allegedly showed him in a marriage ceremony with a teenager. He denied he had married again and explained that he was in the picture with the girl because he was helping her family.]

3rd headline: A fight on an appointment of a new Supreme Patriarch. Deep conflict of monks.

[Refers to a controversial appointment of the new Supreme Patriarch. Somdet Chaung nominated by the Sangha Supreme Council has been opposed by many groups including monks due to a tax evasion scandal and his close tie with Dhammachaya.]

4th headline: Old karma [yellow] ‘Nang Kai’ [white] doesn’t need to wait for the next life

[Refers to Buddhist principles about karma. Whatever wrong things one does, the result of it will reappear in the future. Similarly, Monta Yokrattanakan, know as Ying Kai, lodged a false complaint against her former employee. But later, she herself was charged after it was discovered she was involved in many crime cases.
“Nang” is a Thai tile for a woman.]


From Lokwannee, July 30-August 5, 2016
Main cover reads: Concern shows

[This cover refers to the junta’s concerns on the upcoming referendum of the draft constitution. This concern is shown through their actions, such as banning all advertising flags from the coffee brand “Gano.” This word in Thai sounds like “vote no.”
On the cover, the cup of coffee mimics the junta’s actions with the “Gano” brand by writing the word “Americayes” instead of “Americano.” This refers to the many entrepreneurs in the region who naturally think that copying a famous logo like Starbucks for their own shop would be a good idea.
On the cover, the word is humorously changed to avoid a brand-name misunderstanding just as happened with the coffee brand “Gano.”]


From Matichon Weekly, July 29-August 4, 2016
Main cover reads: A volunteer of Hanuman
On a paper: Ballot paper

[Refers to the referendum on the draft constitution. The cover shows “Hanuman,” a Hindu god and an ardent devotee of the God Rama. This image is on the posters encouraging people to go referendum and vote. Recently, there is an incident in which monkeys tore up voters’ list. This cover shows the irony of monkeys doing this as the mascot for the vote is a monkey himself.]

Top right: Adding more than 16 pages to Matichon Weekly – Xclusive ‘Prompt Pay’ new economic landscape

[Refers to an advertisement for the new Matichon Weekly online. This latest issue will be about the new e-payment “Prompt Pay.” This is a money transfer service via internet or mobile banking which attempts to create a system to record all transactions that were formerly cash.]

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