Weekly News Magazines, July 3-10, 2015

3_9 july

From Nation Weekend, July 3, 2015
Main cover reads: A rice kernel is in the burning sun.

[Refers to 14 students who were arrested for protesting against the junta. The shows one of the students in custody. It compares those students to a small kernel of rice which has to fight against a junta that has absolute power to govern the country.]

4_10 july

From Manager Weekly, July 4-10, 2015
Main cover reads: SCB Hi-So bank No Rajabhat?

[“Hi-so” means high society or rich. Refers to the SCB’s (Siam Commercial Bank) controversial job advertisement which stipulated they were only willing to hire applicants with degrees from 14 famous universities.
This led to a financial boycott by the Rajabhat university network to protest against the bank for excluding most university students.]

3_9 july

From Matichon Weekly, July 3-9, 2015
Main cover reads: You’ve Got a Friend

[Refers to a title of the article written by a famous writer ‘Roundfinger’ praising the 14 students whom were arrested by the police due to a protest against the junta. The man on the top-right corner is a famous writer ‘Roundfinger’ and behind a hastag is “You’ve Got a Friend.” “You’ve Got a Friend” (the title of a song) is often used in Thailand as a slogan denoting camaraderie.]

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