Weekly News Magazines, July 22-29, 2016


From Matichon Weekly, July 22-28, 2016
Main cover reads: Turkey’s Referendum

[Refers to the defeat of Turkey’s military that tried to conduct a coup against the Turkish government. However, a number of people joined the government to fight against the coup. This cover is meant to relate to the situation in Thailand where a referendum on the draft constitution is to be held.
The cover illustrates that the people’s decision shall be respected. Many anti-junta groups are afraid that the junta will reject the results if it turns out that the draft constitution is voted down by the people.]

Top right: A lesson to the dreams of ‘Olympics’ – ‘Nong May’ Ratchanok cleared of doping allegations by a hair’s breadth

[Refers to the badminton player and Olympic-hopeful Ratchanok ‘May’ Intanon who was cleared of doping allegations. In Thai, “Nong” literally means “younger sister” and is used to refer to a younger woman.]


From Nation Weekend, July 22, 2016
Main cover reads: #because of what Turkey doesn’t have

[Refers to a popular hashtag on twitter where Thai people shared their views on the causes leading to a defeat of Turkey’s coup. It implies something like, “the Turkish coup failed because of what Turkey doesn’t have” which leads to a discussion of how Thailand’s situation differs from Turkey.
Some said it failed because Turkey did not have someone like Thaksin who many Thais see as an impatient risk-taker who created his own problems. Others said the Thai coup would have failed if more people would have come out to support the government. Others said the Turkish military does not have canny generals like Prayuth who were able to decisively overthrow the Pheu Thai government.]

On the right: A night when a dog is not howling. Referendum is ‘completely silent’ which makes it more scary

[The poster is one promoting the upcoming referendum of the draft constitution.
This article examines the likely results of the referendum on the draft constitution in the Northeast provinces which are the heart of Thaksin’s Red Shirt supporters. It predicts that the results will depend on how people like or dislike the junta and Thaksin–and not the contents of the draft constitution.
In Thai, the night before the election is “the night when a dog is howling” because politicians will visit people secretly (thus alerting neighborhood dogs) to buy votes.]

Headlines on the left: Behind the painting. Khunying of “May”

[Refers to the story of Badminton Association of Thailand president Khunying Pattama Leeswadtrakul who helped behind-the-scenes to clear the doping allegations of Thai badminton player Ratchnok “May” Intanon. This headline uses the name a drama, “Behind the painting” in which a main character is a “Khunying,” a title given by the King meaning Madame.]

The Buddhist Lent Day with “women entering the monkhood”

[Refers to the article about the project conducted during the Buddhist Lent Day which invited women to be ordained to study about Buddhist principles.]

Mushroom village to hide the hardcore “Red”

[This refers Red Shirt groups that are pretending to be silent during the junta time in power, but are continuing their political activities secretly. Some hardcore Red Shirt members have hidden in the countryside or outside the country to be ready to renew their political activities against the junta.]

The trend of coup is scaring “Hun Sen”

[Refers to the trends of coups around the world that is causing fear in Cambodian strongman Hun Sen regime amid an unsettled political situation.]

23-29 July

From Manager Weekly, July 23-29, 2016
Main cover reads: Saranghae [meaning “love”] Sayonara? [meaning “goodbye”] Sanit, a fellow of the uncle Tu. Net idol whom no one loves.

[The men are Metropolitan Police Area 2 chief Pol. Maj. Gen. Charoen Srisalak and Pol. Lt. Gen. Sanit Mahathavorn
The headline refers to Pol. Lt. Gen. Sanit Mahathavorn, who was recently been appointed to become the new metropolitan police commissioner. Pol Lt. Gen. Sanit has been criticized by the media due to his performance on the job. Although a lot of people including many high-level police officers do not like him, he has close ties with PM Prayuth.
This photo was taken during a press conference. He made the pose when he was asked how he would solve the problem of students fighting.
This heart pose was popularized by K-pop idols and is called “saranghae” in Korean. The headline implies that Sanit is not a proper choice for his post.]

Top: Order from [pink] tootsie [black] Drama of [pink] Tos [black] and [blue] Fa Barbie

[The woman is Fah Barbie. Refers to a well-known director named Poj Arnon refusing to work with an actor Tos after she had a quarrel with the popular internet idol Fah Barbie.]

Below: Turkey coup reflects the fear of [blue] ‘Hillary’

[Articles theorizes that the Turkish coup reflects fears of increased U.S. intervention in Turkey and the region if Hillary Clinton becomes president.]


From Lokwannee, July 23-29, 2016
Main cover reads: Counting down. Going down… drive carefully

[Refer to idiom “riding on a tiger’s back” meaning that someone is in a situation from which they cannot turn back or extract themselves from. The cover and article warns the military needs to seriously consider immediately giving up their power if the draft constitution is not accepted by the public.]

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