Weekly News Magazines, July 10-17, 2015

10 July nationweekend

From Nation Weekend, July 10, 2015
Main cover reads: The story of the star
[Refers to a brokenhearted story of an actress Tangmo, a lady on the cover, and her boyfriend Tono. This became a talk of the town after she tried to commit suicide.]
On the left side: The NCPO changes the game by releasing 14 students.
[The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) decided to release the 14 political activist students after being pressure by local and international communities. They will still face trial though.]

10-16 july 2015_Matichon

From Matichon Weekly, July 10-16, 2015
Main cover reads:  Being caught in a trap (can’t move)
People on the cover are protesters who called on the junta to release 14 political activist students.
In a box at the top-right: Wannasingh Prasertkul #You’ve got a friend.

[It illustrates the junta government has been caught in a trap by its arrest of 14 students. After being pressured by the local and international communities, the junta decided to release those students pending trial.
Many well-known writers, such as Roundfinger and Wannasingh, academics, and the younger generation have been made aware of this issue and the arbitrary power of the junta.
“#You’ve got a friend” is a campaign started by famous writer Roundfingers to call for the release of 14 students.]

11-17 july 2015_manager
From Manager Weekly, June 11-17, 2015
Main cover reads [red] #End of the story
Left: Tono’s Instagram
Right: Tangmo’s Instagram
[Refer to a breakup of actress Tangmo and her boyfriend Tono and her suicide attempt. This is the same story as in Nation Weekend above.]
At the top right: Explore the drama of ‘submarine’ and the ‘mysterious man’ behind the scene.
Man: Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan
[Refers to Navy’s plan to purchase submarines from China using a massive budget.]
At the bottom left: [orange circle] Special
[red circle] Free
[red] A secret of ‘sex’
[green] and coconut oil]
At the bottom right: Should we do a referendum, Yes-No [refers to the constitution referendum]
Hidden petroleum bill

Lokwannee_10 July 2015

From Lokwannee, July 10, 2015
Main cover reads: External factors threats the government’s security
Turkish people stormed Thailand’s consulate in Istanbul to protest Thailand on sending ethnic Uighurs back to China. This will be a new issue which leads to a relationship between the junta and the Chinese government. And if we consider about slow economic growth and a bubble in the Chinese stock market, this will raise concern because China is known as a main supporter of the junta. Therefore, the security of the junta does not depend on the internal movement, but the external factor especially when the security is linked with the economy.

Lookwannee_6 july 2015

From Lokwannee, July 4-10, 2015
Because our country has law [with the last letter of the word fading out]
Words on the right with the fists: Democracy, Human rights, Justice, Participation, Peace [Refers to the political activities demanded by protesters.]
[กฎ=Rule, กฎหมาย=Law หมา=dog
Therefore, กฎหมาย=law, กฎหมา=dog’s rule
This cover implies that the rules enforced by the junta sometimes do not adhere to the law.]

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