Weekly News Magazines, July 1-8, 2016


From Matichon Weekly, July 1-7, 2016
Main cover reads: No resign

[The man on the cover is PM Prayuth. This makes a joke by comparing the Brexit votes with anti-junta activists who insist that PM Pryauth resign as PM if the people vote down the draft charter. PM Prayuth has now confirmed he will not step down if the public does not approve the charter.
This “controversy” has largely been a sideshow as the junta exists solely to block Thaksin from controlling the government in order to rewrite the constitution and provide an amnesty for himself. Thus, the voting down of the charter actually plays into the hands of the military by further stalling elections.]

Top-right: Talk with EU Ambassador to Thailand [white] ‘Jesús Miguel Sanz’ [yellow’] when the day which ‘UK’ LEAVES!

[Refers to an interview with EU Ambassador to Thailand Jesús-Miguel Sanz on the EU situation after the result of the Brexit referendum.]


From Nation Weekend, July 1, 2016
Main cover reads: Fight without giving up, Part 2

[The man on the cover is Suthep Thaugsuban, a leader of the anti-Yingluck group. Recently, he announced his support for the draft constitution and called on people to accept this draft as it is the most suitable for the current situation in Thailand. Suthep has been criticized by anti-junta groups as being a military supporter and anti-democratic.]

Top right: Crisis on [yellow] ‘stubbornness’ [white] Dhammakaya and the solution

[The photo shows Dhammakaya temple’s UFO-like praying dome.
The article examines Dhammakaya temple and its attempt on shield their abbot Dhamanchayo from being arrested due to a money laundering charges.]

Headlines at right:
‘Kwanchai’ [white] in Laos. Mekong network

[Refers to hard-line Red Shirt leader from the northeastern region Kwanchai Sarakham and his surrender to serve time for leading a mass attack on anti-government protesters in 2008. The headline alludes to Kwanchai’s frequent boast that he is preparing to help Thaksin reenter the country from Laos and march to Bangkok for a revolutionary takeover of Thailand.]

Drama [yellow] Suu Kyi [white] ousting Myanmar workers to return home?

[Refers to the trip to Thailand of Myanmar’s foreign minister and state counselor Aung San Suu Kyi. After discussing with Myanmar workers in Thailand, she called on the Thai government to help Myanmar workers. Many Thai people disagreed with proposals to help the workers and instead started insisting Myanmar migrant workers return to their home country.]

Mystery of Khao Chamao taking lives of the Air Forces.

[Refers to the Air Force helicopter that crashed in the Khao Chyamao-Khao Wong National Park causing three crew members to die.]

Young generation 2016 under the secret strategy

[Refer to student movements against the junta. After taking power, the military has arrested many student political activists who tried to conduct political activities against the junta. Some interpret the student’s activities as being part of a Pheu Thai strategy to apply pressure to the junta.]

Riddle of killing [yellow] ‘tycoon Jeed’ [white] and a power person ‘Banyin’

[Refers to the investigation of the killing of tycoon Chuwon Sae Tang (or Jeed) and the link with former deputy commerce minister Banyin Tangpakorn.]


From Manager Weekly, July 2-8, 2016
Main cover reads: A slave of (Eastern) Tiger

[The main picture is Suthep Thaugsuban while the background shows members of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC).
This Suthep who recently announced through Facebook Live his support for the draft constitution. He also promised to make more appearances online to discuss with people why they should support the draft. The Eastern Tigers are a powerful military group that now dominates the military and junta has has long opposed Thaksin’s power aspirations.]

Below: In the pink box: 911 the series
On the left: Take a look closely SMASH GYM invested 10 million [yellow] Oh, Janie [white] 3 million payment by installment
[The lady is the owner of SMASH GYM Boom Panadda Wongphudee.]
On the right: Deadly path [blue] finally Madame takes over everything.
[The lady is the owner of 911 Gym Janie Tienphosuwan. The man in the black shirt is Boom’s husband Eakarin.]

[This refers to the conflict between two well-known actresses Boom Panadda Wongphudee and Janie Tienphosuwan, called by the media Madam Janie, regarding the parking lots for their Fitness business. The complex fitness center started as a joint venture between both actresses and their friends. However, after a conflict happened, Janie decided to take over all the business and pay compensation to Boom of 3 million baht by installment.]


From Lokwannee, July 2-8, 2016
Main cover reads: Their countries don’t have a problem like we do.
On the coconut shell: Referendum
A word above coconut shell: Oh man!!

[Refer to the referendum on the draft constitution. The junta is trying to give positive information people to accept the draft constitution although many people criticize it for not being democratic. On the cover, the coconut shell covers the Thai people so they cannot see all the real things in the world and will accept all good advantages the junta says the people will gain.]

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