Weekly News Magazines, January 6-20, 2017

From Nation Weekend, January 6, 2017
Main cover reads: I will be a bridge. That day won’t be long.

[The photo shows PM Prayuth (front-row in the center) with his new cabinet. Refers to lyrics from the new song “Bridge” released by PM Prayuth to support his new cabinet. In the song he compares the cabinet to a bridge to help the country to achieve the country’s reforms.]

From Matichon Weekly, January 6-12, 2017

[The cover shows Thailand’s new King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun, known as King Rama X. During the New Year, King Rama X together with the royal family gave their new year wishes to the people and asked to people to help bring peace and prosperity to the country.]

From Manager Weekly, January 7-13, 2017
Main cover reads: [Thai] Yoo Tor Loey Dai Mai

[On the cover is Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan (center) PM Prayuth Chan-ocha and cabinet members.
Refers to a karaoke style song. This lyric is part of the song “Yoo Tor Loey Dai Mai” meaning “can you stay longer?” This covers calls the junta to stay in power longer. This publication is anti-Thaksin so they are hoping that the junta will stay in power to continue its reform and to prevent another Thaksin-directed political party from returning to power.]

Top: Revising the monk’s Act. 12 years which ‘Sondhi’ fought to return power to the King

[The man in the photo is media mogul Sondhi Limthongkul who long controlled the Manager media group and was the leader of the yellow shirts. He is presently in prison for corporate fraud.
The article refers to the amendment of the act to appoint a new Supreme Patriarch. It removes the decision from the realm of politics and places it solely with the monarch.
This is thought to be important because Thaksin has long sought to undercut Thailand’s hidebound and reactionary Buddhist hierarchy by engineering the promotion of monks aligned with the heretical Dhammakaya sect.
The current controversy over the appointment of the Supreme Patriarch has become bogged down in rules and protocol as Thaksin foes seek to stop the appointment of a Dhammakaya-friendly monk to the top Buddhist post in Thailand.
This article extols Sondhi since he long fought for this change.]

Bottom left: Good as the actress [yellow] ‘Kratik’ [green] a manager of ‘Tangmo’

[Refers to the story of Kratik, the personal manager of actress Tangmo Pataritda. Her pictures have been shared through the social media as she looks beautiful as the actress she manages.]

Right: Being ruined, ‘Cowgirl’ to restore her pride or leave the stage

[Refers to Ronda Rousey, a much-hyped UFC fighter from Texas, who was soundly and quickly defeated in a recent match. Around the world, fans have pondered if she can reclaim her fighting glory or will move on to other ventures.]

From Lokwannee, January 14-20, 2017
Main cover reads: Challenge the power (of coup d’état). People get in trouble. Yet people still insist to challenge it.
Bottom: Motto for this year of naughty kid’s day: Don’t fight a robber. Don’t sit in a van. Listen to the song ‘bridge.’ Don’t be against the coup d’état, good boy!
White box on the top: Lokwannee [orange] Children’s day

[Refers to National Children’s Day in Thailand which is in the 2nd week of January every year.
This cover obliquely supports the rights of a student activist charged with lese majeste. The activist is Pai Dao Din who is in prison on lese majeste charges. The bamboo refers to Pai since “pai” means “bamboo” in English.
The cover lauds people who continue to resist the junta and traditional elite of Thailand.
The “motto for the year” is a sarcastic take on advice the junta might give to misbehaving children.]

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